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App Fest: iBaby Feed Timer

The arrival of the 2nd Raj baby isn’t too far away so I thought I would check out breastfeeding apps to help me in those days that seem like a blur and you can’t remember your left from your right (literally).

Last time my newborn experience was to jump into the shower WITH my bra still on because I was so tired – check it out here . I just hope I get a better sleeper this time!

This app has been designed by breastfeeding mothers and recommended by NHS midwifes. It is for people who want to track when and how long their baby feeds including a useful reminder for when a feed is due – and most importantly which breast to start on. The graphics are large for tired ladies and I love the timer so you can set it to see how long the feeds go for.

i baby feed timer appBut this app goes further – you can track:

bottle feeds and set feeding alerts (in case you forget)
expressing sessions
diaper changes
solid food – so you can use this past milk feeds
reminder for all others things like medicine dosages and time you gave them the dose
It translates it in a useful report so you can get an overall view – always helpful when the doctor or maternal nurse ask all these specific questions and all you want to answer is – I haven’t slept for 6 weeks give me a break!

For Little Miss Raj I used a manual notebook, which was fine but I thought surely there is an app that can help make it easier this time – and yes there is! I love the world of technology!

This app is $4.99 but there are free app versions on the market that are similar – some quite complicated some not comprehensive enough however it is worth checking out like “FirstYear” if you want to go for a free app.

Do you have any other suggestions for great apps for tracking the baby’s movement in the first year including feeds? Let us know!

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