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Top 5 Eczema Products

I often get eczema. My mother in law is also prone to eczema. All sorts of random skin conditions are a part of my family so it was going to be highly likely for my daughter to has some skin issues.

Therefore I was very keen to see the outcomes of what parents recommended when it comes to eczema! We had a great response to our survey – but this also not surprising as 1 in 5 infants under 2 years of age (

When I talk about eczema I mean the medical condition where the skin becomes inflamed or irritated – and the most irritating of all is there is no cure. All we can do as parents is to treat this and manage this condition.

It is not just about products (which we will get to soon) but parents also recommended the following to help manage /minimise irritants of this condition (and these will vary for child to child on their success):

  • Cooling baths (or in winter just don’t make the water too hot)
  • Not over heating with too many layers
  • Soft cotton clothing
  • Think about your household products and eliminate one by one to see if they are causing flare ups – soap, detergent, chemicals, perfumes in products
  • Reducing amount of heating/air conditioning your child is exposed to
  • Think about what your child eats. Often they will have some food allergies that can be connected to eczema flare ups (see above link to for more information)
  • Consider natural helpers like linseed in their cereal
  • Scratching (night gloves and clipped fingernails may be needed in young children)
  • Think about if they are swimming in chlorinated swimming pools and if this is affecting them
  •  Worsening of eczema in spring and summer may also be due to pollen sensitivity

Parents also recommended the following products that can help manage the itchiness, dryness or in some cases flare up of eczema:

1. QV

QV is a great range with many products. Parents recommend to use the moisturiser cream twice daily and  the bath oil  and kids wash for body and hair everyday. A great way to prevent and manage dry skin in-between flare up.

Check out their site

(Also see QV was recommended by parents in Mamma Raj’s 5 best baby skincare products)

2. DemaVeen

Dermaveen Moisturising Lotion offers a light formulation containing natural colloidal oatmeal that gently soothes, protects and hydrates the skin. It won’t help with flare up but will help in- between. One parent suggested to prevent a flare up occurring,  they use a mix of Dermaveen bath wash and skin moisturiser on delicate areas. Check out their site:

3. Dermaid

DermAid Soft 1% cream & DermAid Soft 0.5% cream contains dispersed hydrocortisone to provide effective temporary relief for affected areas.  Parents recommend to use sparingly and some mix with a moisturiser to soften the hydrocortisone on the skin (although this product does promote that it is specially formulated for sensitive skin). Check out their site

4. Lucas’s Paw Paw Ointment

Parents recommended if your child has mild eczema the natural formulation of  pawpaw ointment (Lucas’s PawPaw) works for them – but  only if the skin hasn’t broken.  They found this product  relieve and soothes the symptoms. Check out their site:

5. Antibotics/ steroids

Parents recommended that when a flare up is bad and other measures (as above) haven’t worked to use steroids as needed  (see your GP to discuss further). They help inflammation and fend off any outbreaks that are uncomfortable for bubs. With this treatment, the flare up will generally will clear by the next day/ after a few days.

Do you have any further recommendations on what has helped your child when it comes to eczema?



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