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What to get for a 1st birthday?

I promised myself I wouldn’t be that mother. The mother that was trying to keep up with the Jones’. The mother that hires elephants to her children’s party.

But I have to admit I do like a good party and it is a  bit fun to get creative ….but rest assured I won’t be hiring elephants!

My daughter is turning 1 soon. I can’t believe how quickly the last year has gone but once again,  I am faced with another new challenge…..children’s parties.  It brings up memories of my mother spending hours pouring over the Woman’s Weekly birthday cakes book after I decided to have the trickiest cakes in the book.

So I’m sure you will hear from me about what the hell I am going to do for this party (yes what the hell am I going to do!!) but for this post I am a little perplexed what to get my daughter for her first birthday but even more so, all the other first birthdays that are coming up!

So I thought I would do some research with our friend Google.  What do you get a one year old to celebrate this momentous occasion?

They won’t remember what you got them.  To be honest they would would probably wet their pants if you gave them a measuring cup at this age (yes they would literally probably wet their pants!) ….but then the parents will remember, and I’m sure they won’t be too excited about a measuring cup as a present.

So the following is the list I have compiled.  I haven’t included specific products (as budgets and location can be prohibitive for some) so this is more a list of ideas to help you get started.


Yes, toys are a no brainer for a 1 year old but here is some type of toys to think about:

  • Bath time toys
  • Lamaze toys
  • buy them their 1st band set
  • Baby’s first phone /iPAD
  • Remote
  • Puzzle
  • Wooden blocks
  • Pull toys


Just like with Christmas or birthdays if you lack the time or inspiration, money and /or gift cards are always welcome in any household. How much money to give a one year old?? Gosh I don’t even know what the tooth fairy gives out these days so you will have to work that one out yourself whether that starts at $5 or $50.


Always a favourite present and can be used over and over again. Think perhaps of personalising the books or  go for a touch and feel version which are great for kids this age.


The one thing you realise as a mum is how quickly these little people grow out of clothes so ANY clothes are always welcome. In particular consider shoes as these little tots will start walking around 1 (if not before)

Other Random Ideas

  • Tee pee
  • Kitchen set (a dear friends shared with me that these are just as good for girls as they are for boys)
  • Eating utensils
  • Growth chart
  • Backpack
  • Walker
  • Picture frame

I hope these help (while I procrastinate on the party preparations!) . I just checked out the Woman’s Weekly cakes on Pinterest – heck I think they are even more complicated now!

Wish me luck!

What did you get your child for their first birthday? What is your favourite kids present to give?

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