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What’s rocking this week?

Mamma Raj ventured to the Melbourne Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo this week.  This was a first time experience and an eye opener.

I got there 5 minute before opening time on a Sunday and there was a huge line up. Who goes to these things and lines up (ok apart from me!!)? I couldn’t believe it!

So here are the hot 5 products from the Expo that I loved and wanted to share with you:

1) Baby Banana Brush

Totally the cutest EVER! As per Mamma Raj’s previous post on teething remedies (click here) a toothbrush is a great way to give relief to teething infants.  As a cute banana, this was way cooler than I have seen before.  It is 100% bendable and gently massages gums and teeth.  There is also a Toddler Training toothbrush without the banana peel so it is easier for them to grasp onto and softness/ flexibility that helps reduce risk of mouth injury if your toddler falls.

Check out their site

2) Pram Pegs

One of the hottest sellers at the expo,  these are a great way to keep your muslin attached to the pram. In the past I have used hair clips but these sturdy little numbers are big enough not to get lost when you pull your muslin off the pram and will withstand harsh weather when you are pounding the pavement.

Check out their site

3) Rashoodz

Love this idea of swimwear with an attachable hat – you won’t lose your child’s hat again and they can wear it in the water thanks to the buttoned-on hat attached to the swimmers.

Now I have to say my daughter has luckily received through the gene pool my husband’s lovely skin (not like Mamma Raj who burns in 5 minutes) but she still needs to be protected.  These cute little swimmers come in long sleeve and short sleeves with buttons at the bottom for easy access to nappies and also buttons to attach the hat to the swimmers. Chlorine resistant and UPF 50+

I’ve tried to take a photo to show you the cool hat attachment but check out their site for much better pics of their great products (fab for summer!):

4) SCR Maternity pants

If you are like me, maternity pants can be hit and miss due to your changing size. The great thing about these pants is the adjustable elastic waist where you can button up the pant to adjust to your size throughout the pregnancy – and they are in cool prints to boot!  This is from the makers of the well regarded Recovery Shorts endorsed by many celebs including Megan Gale, Rebecca Judd and Catriona Rowntree.

Once again I’ve tried to show you the adjustable waistline but check out their site for better pics of the products:

5) Hot Milk

Hot Milk is not to the scene but for someone that feels like they haven’t bought a new bra in years (yes that is me!) and the bras I have in my drawer are NOT sexy but more practical for either pregnancy or breastfeeding, this place felt like a haven where I felt like I could be sexy for the first time in years. Not only practical but PRETTY (!!) to make any mother feel like they are a woman not just a milk cow with these gorgeous nursing bras. Check out their site – and sale!

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