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Ode to those parents flying solo

Note sure why flying solo has made me resort to poetry. But there is a first time for everything.

Hubby is away and its only me as the parent today

I can’t roll over and pretend to sleep in the morning

I have drag myself out of bed to a little cry as a warning

The day has began at bleary o’clock

To be able to fit in a shower when its just me, would be a bit of a shock!

I try the playpen to get some time in bathroom

But really this little mite is going to make out her world is of hardship and doom

And I’m back out to check on her every minute

As it is only me to be the parent today but this constant attention might really take me to the limit

No breaks!

No baking cakes!

Just waiting for that afternoon sleep

Please hurry up so I can get some shut eye little peep

To those single parents out there I admire

You are amazing people to have to do this everyday and I don’t know how you don’t try and hire

Someone, anyone to give you a break

A pedicure, a lunch – some time out for heavens sake

Here here to those who don’t have someone to help, to laugh with to get out of changing a nappy

You are incredible but to be honest those little smiles makes everyone happy.

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