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Creativity with decals

Have you embraced the wall decal trend? You may say that are so two years ago… but I say this is the most practical and fun way to decorate a child’s bedroom.

Yes we aren’t talking about putting naff decals like the words eat, pray love in your dining room (they have given a bad name to decal) but making your child’s room  an amazing experience to explore and wake up to every day,

Decals are now so FANCY these days.  It really isn’t a decal – often these are pure art! They can dramatically change a room ambience just like paint or wallpaper – without the mess, effort and half the price!

From etsy.com and Kinky Wall studio


Personally  I was a little worried about putting them up (I have visions of all the wall paint coming off and having to get that paint brush out anyway!). Generally they are made from vinyl matte/ laminate  – one sided adhesive material. Not all vinyls are reusable – but most of them are and most also come with an overlay to protect the decal from being stretched or torn when removed from its surface.

Things to think about:

  • Think about where they go before you start to stick them up – have a plan in mind and think about how this will match the rest of the room
  • Ensure the decal is non toxic to avoid an issues if you child decides to lick, pull, eat the decal!
  • Make sure the seller provides picture, product description and terms to help you have the best buying experience
  • Think about being festive and creating some great energy around the holiday season by putting up special decals
  • Ask if they are reusable -they should last for at least 3 years (dependant on conditions)
  • When you are removing your decal it is important to use a blow dryer as you peel it off the wall. This will think out the vinyl and loosen the adhesive for easier removal (but first and foremost check the manufacturers instructions first)
  • You don’t always have to put them on walls. As long as the surface is flat and clean you will be able to apply
  • Matte paint is the best paint for wall decals, it is possible to use them on semi gloss or high gloss but they may not stick as well/ last for as long

Bring creativity into your child’s life!

Let Mamma know your tips and hidden secrets around decals?

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