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Mummy Flu v Man Flu

There are a number of designer flus around this season but two of them seem to have found our home this week.

Mummy Flu and Man Flu.

They vary in their severity and cures as follows:

Man Flu

Officially this disease means that the world really may end – really!
The victim must spend days on the couch recovering watching either man sport or man-related shows
It is researched that men suffer more than women hence why this disease need to be treated with caution and care
The victim must be treated to more cuddles than usual in order to make them feel better
The victim may more difficult with people around them that are trying to help
You may find random tissues all around the house in the strangest places
Mummy Flu

Is an exaggerated disease
The victim must continue on to do all the chores and activities with the children like there is nothing wrong
After generally find putting their feet up after 7pm (or when the kids go to sleep) this flu seems to hit the immune system harder and the victim actually has time spend time thinking they are sick
Drugs may help (unless poor mummy is pregnant and then it is tough luck love! once again back to the first point that this disease is really just an exaggeration and mummy just need to get on with things)
Extra sleep is a luxury only in the very severe cases
Time to blow their nose is limited due to their schedule so sniffing is a common symptom
I hope you keep well this winter! Rug up!

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