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Bye bye margarita. Hello playground

I’m at that point.

The point when I have to admit taking our little girl to a fancy (well even relatively nice) restaurant is just not going to work.

On the weekend we went to a lovely bar/ restaurant feeling all trendy and cool …but with a toddler. I don’t think the words trendy and cool really go with the word toddler now??

We were having a lovely outing with friends without kids. They are few and far between breed these days in our circles (awesome fun of course) and its nice to hang out with people that talk about getting trashed and staying out all night – just because….Those were the days huh?

I know I didn’t think about this before kids so I quietly gave the restaurant a call beforehand to see if they had a highchair as when the group email went out that the table was booked for “6 adults and a baby” I thought….does that mean a chair / a space /a highchair. But nope they don’t have a highchair.

Red flag. Yes, they are trying to tell me this is not a kid friendly place.

Gone are the days where we could rock up and my daughter would sleep for hours in the pram. We now have a walking talking machine that likes to pull tablecloths and sitting quietly with toys /ipads /anything is not something that is in her make-up (I do hope that changes and soon!). But I feel like we just don’t want to admit it to ourselves that the time has come that we need “kid- friendly venues”. Bye bye margarita, hello playground (sob sob).

Yes the obvious answer is “suck it up princess” and either get a babysitter or find a park, but both have pros and cons. One means I already have paid for a few margaritas in babysitting costs before I even walk into the venue and the other means the margarita is probably in a hip flask or a water bottle and that just doesn’t taste the same.

So my plan, is I’m going to look into home made margaritas. They can’t be hard can they? At least I can make them to my liking avoid drinking them from a hip flask like a teenager. It won’t be the same as something served to you with a lovely olive on the side but perhaps this is my “lot” now for a while and I just need to be at peace with it.

If you are in the same place here is some inspiration (or 26 inspirations) and well …..cheers!

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