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The words you don’t want to hear when you are about to catch a flight

“Sorry I can’t let you through to your flight”

Huh? Did I hear that right?

Here I was in my third trimester trying to get on a plane back from a mini break to Hobart and this stopped me in my tracks.  Oh yes, apparently I did hear that correctly.

“You are too pregnant to fly, it is our policy not to let someone onto a plane without a doctor certificate over 28 weeks”. Huh? I swear the first time I was pregnant I was flying at 33/34 weeks and it was ok. I swear!

“You’ll have to get your doctor to sign this form. Its ok. No need to panic you still have 30 mins to board the flight ”

Panic! I’m pregnant? I have already flown one way without any question and now on the way back NOW you say I’m now too pregnant. It has been two days. 30 minutes! Do you want me to just have the baby here and now?

I call my obstrectrian. She is delivering a baby. Damn. The receptionist is like “You are kidding? It is an hour flight”. I know I know.

I start to rant. You let me fly one way but not the other. Little Miss is hungry, starting to chew my clothes (yes a little weird)  but they won’t let us through. Hubby thinks I’m a looney and trying to get someone/anyone on the phone to sign the form. He is calm. Or perhaps he feels he has to be with his ranting wife in the background.

Honestly, if this is the way flight carriers want pregnant ladies not to give birth on their plane or even their airport then this is NOT the way. 30 mins! I feel my blood pressure rising by the minute. It occurs to me my belly is hanging out today is more of a tighter top. Damn. That must have done it. And being too honest about the number of weeks I am. Damn honesty. I wish I was a good liar.

Then this lovely angel appears. Hallelujah !  <Insert light floating down and violins>. They too are confused why I was let on in the first place on the way down. Yes I know!! They make a calm call to the USA for an exemption. Yes I am in good health. Yes my first birth went well. Yes I’m well not as young as I should be. Yes it was a vaginal…umm should I really be sharing all this with an airline? With a strange man.  This is getting kind of weird. And then we were let though. Just like that.

I am indignant when I get home. This airline has got it wrong.

Well , um  no. It is on their website. No flying over 28 weeks without a doctors certificate.

Well it must have been just this particular airline….um no…it was some of the others as well. Crap. My hubby shakes his head at his pregnant wife (not the first time nor will be the last during this pregnancy that has made me lose my brain completely ).

So I’m grounded. For now.  No more flying for me and a lesson learnt.

Check the fine print. Probably take the advice from any website you read (not like I even thought about it!!) and talk to your doctor prior – this might prompt you to think about the airlines policy! Some say from 28 weeks, some 32 weeks. On most you can fly up to 36 weeks – but with a letter from your doctor.

As for the letter to take with you, the letter should confirm your due date and state that you have been examined ,in good health to fly and are not likely to go into labour in the next 72 hours. You will need to organise this no more than 10 days prior to flying.

I hope this post prompts someone out there to avoid the situation I found myself in.

So the craziness of pregnancy continues….just on land now.

Have you had a similar situation? Or am I just looking like a complete idiot here? Have just NOT thought about thing in your second pregnancy that you would have thought about in your first?


  1. Marion says:

    sounds like an awful and very stressful situation that the airline put you in. So in future always travel with waterfall wrap cardigan/ pashmina/ oversize scarf for pregnancy camouflage!!

    The only thing I can add is that if you are embarking on a long train journey, some carriers may have similar requirements to airlines – I say this as Eurostar have a ‘doctor’s letter requirement’ as well once you get past a certain point

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