What’s new and hot in pram-arama world? Bye bye margarita. Hello playground


Would putting v#!gina in a sentence get you a seat on a train?

It is strange phenomenon.

Before I was pregnant I had the assumption that people were going to give you a bit of a break once you were waddling with crankles onto a train.

I assumed they would give you their seat on public transport, open the door or let you walk out of the lift first.

Nope. Nadda.

And I’m pretty big at the moment so there is no hiding this bump or presuming I ate a little too much last night.

I was with my obstetrician, of whom I see more than some of my closer friends these days, and we started discussing this topic. Her advice. Be direct. Works every time.

“Oh sorry can you let me sit down my hemorrhoids are hurting”

Or even better you can up the ante and say:

“Can you please let me through my VAGINA is hurting”

She believes anyone that drops the word vagina into a sentence people will instantly do whatever you want!

“Can you please move I think I’ve just wee’d myself a little bit

Yup that will get them.

“Oh sorry, I’m going to have to fart if you don’t move out of the way

Well you don’t have to preggers to pull this one but why not put it into the mix.

Pregnancy license perhaps?

The trouble is these aren’t too far from the truth but we don’t really fess up about them or use them to our advantage.

Perhaps we should?

Ah the things you discuss at the obstetrician nothing is really sacred anymore!


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