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I swear I have bad timing.

I planned to post today about how great eBay is as a resource for parents to keep costs down and to find what they are looking for at the click of a button.

And then BANG! eBay has the biggest password fail today.

We seem to see this type of news story a lot.

Hacked! Personal information at large!


It’s pretty scary – particularly when 145 million accounts have been hacked and we are finding out now this didn’t happen today but a couple of months ago.

In this day and age you really rely on companies to be secure…but then those hackers are clever people.

I have no doubt that eBay will bounce back.It is a large, innovative company but what they do know will really show their metal as a company How will they respond? Lets wait and see….I haven’t seen much of a response yet. They do flag on their website to change your password. Come on eBay – get onto it! We are waiting.

But in the near future if people venture back, I did want to give eBay a plug as I recently did some collections for them. Collections are…how would I describe it….the new “pinterest” of eBay. You can pick a number of products and group them into a collection. Say you are looking for handbags. You seriously have so many to choose from so why not make your own shorlist – to share with friends for input or help you with your choice.

eBay has really gone from just an auction house to a full e-commerce site. It seriously does have everything on it. I have written before that parents have recommended eBay as #1 for all party decorations and gift bags. The range is huge. Every colour. Everything you could wish for – at a reasonable price.

But what I loved was finding things like children shoes. Who would have thought shoes were so expensive for kids – not me until I found this out when my daughter started walking! However on eBay I found some converse shoes (from China), they took a little time to post but the price was $7 – can’t beat that. There was a great Dior slippers for that special occasion – $17. Bargain.


So the tip of the day is go and change your password NOW. I’m going to wait to see how they are going to manage this but overall this is a great resource and worth a good look when things start to feel a little safer.

As an incentive check my eBAY little walkers collection – yes a bit girly but if this encourages you to go on and change your password then I think I have succeeded today.

This post was not paid for but payment was taken by Mamma Raj’s for her contribution to the eBAY collections.

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