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Pizza anyone?

No sleep in’s or time off. It is a full time job…. and more – day and night.

Before children, when people dropped in mid-week,

I would cook up a storm. I love cooking and I would pour over my beloved cook books for hours to find the right recipe for our lovely friends and family. It used to drive my husband bonkers that I would spend so much time on this for a mid- week meal.

However, now I’m back at work, I’m sorry friends and family it is now pizza for you.

Takeaway pizza has become my best friend. Always reliable, always tasty. No cleaning up!

Pizza is a favourite with pretty much most of the universe . At what dinner can you choose your ingredients with the host (hell that is better than being served up pork when you are a vegetarian right!) and when partnered with good wine and a cheeky dessert (or a box of chocolates when time is really tight) it goes down a treat.

Ways to make my life easier has become my mantra. We don’t have time to do everything and if it means calling for dinner rather than making it, to save a couple of hours, then why not.

So to all future dinner guests coming past during the week to the Raj residence, I love your company and because I love your company so much I want to spend as much time with you rather than at the at the stove.

So pizza anyone?

What do you do for mid week dinner guests?

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