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I love you …with takeaway

For many couples Valentine’s day involves a beautiful romantic meal

This might mean a beautiful 3 hat restaurant with violins playing in the background or a home cooked meal that you have slaved away for half the day to get just right for your loved one.

We’ve had done all of the above and what I have learnt is none of this says I love you to my husband better than takeaway.

You see my husband is a fussy eater. And yes this might be easy in some ways as meat and carbs keeps him happy but if we go to a fancy restaurant or even worst a degustation I end up eating most of his meal AND my own . This is not so cool when you end up rolling out of the restaurant and all he wants to do is find the nearest McDonalds.

This extends to going out to friends houses. One night my hubby’s eyes glazed over when our host brought out the main course of beautifully prepared mussels. There was a silent conversation that went on between us “Holy hell I can’t eat this, slimy errww‘ ‘ But I can’t eat all of this and mine??’ ‘But it will look rude if I don’t eat it’… so I had to scoff nearly half a bowl of mussels whilst our host was putting his daughter down to bed and smiled so politely when he almost clapped his hands that my husband had enjoyed his dish so much! When people say your partner can make you fat, this is a prime example!

Last year I thought I would do a home cooked meal. I went to the markets and bought all these wonderful fresh ingredients and invested all my love into that dish. However all my husband could see was behind that dish was a mountain of washing up to do that would take him a good 2 hours of scrubbing. Not that he didn’t think the meal was nice but after an hour of cleaning up he put in the request….how about takeaway next time?

So this year, because I love my husband so much I won’t be dragging him to a fancy degustation that he won’t eat or make a meal that will involve hours of cleaning up duty.

This year I will be saying I love you with pizza, thai, chinese or indian – whatever he wants really as long as there is a nice glass of white to go with it for me!

Happy Valentine’s day everyone. To the cookers and the non-cookers.

To my hubby, here is a big smooch from me. Here’s to many more years of takeaway together xxxxx

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