I love you …with takeaway Grooming – you are kidding me?


Is this what mothers’ guilt feels like?

I have felt a little nauseous for a couple of weeks now. I am going back to work. The real world.
The world where I can’t wear trackies all day and have a sneaky nap in the afternoon when the baby sleeps.

No long lonely days with the company of a baby that cannot speak or talk back (perhaps this is a good thing??)

No more days where you have been spewed on so many times that you get to the point you don’t bother to change.

When you just want to have a break for just one hour, ONE HOUR! But unfortunately with no family around it is just her and me 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, there are so many wonderful parts to this past year. When she first learnt to crawl, to pull herself up and those moments when she can’t stopping giggling. Oh how I love those moments.

I have been so lucky to have this time with my precious daughter but now I do feel ready. Ready for something more.

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