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Remedies for teething babies – how far will you go?

For the last few months we have had 4 teeth appear and I’m certain there are more on their way. My daughter isn’t even 9 months. I call her “Jaws” at the moment as she has the top and bottom front teeth and if you get your fingers stuck anywhere near these little white critters  you will know about it. Ouch!

So after my daughter has been red in the cheeks all day, biting, chewing on our furniture and now waking at night (nooooo!) I thought I would visit my friend Google tonight to work out how much longer we have. I know we have 20 teeth in total so with only 4 to date I figured we have a long road ahead.

So I found this helpful teething timetable on the Essential infant site and they also share this guide below (although each child develops at a different pace and this will vary).

  • 5 – 7 Months: Central Incisors
  • 7 – 9 Months: Lateral Incisors
  • 10 – 14 Months:  First Molars
  • 15 – 18 Months:  Cuspids
  • 2 – 3 Years:  Second Molars

So there is a lot to go. They say all teeth should come through by 3 years. 3 years!!!!!

Some people say it doesn’t hurt and babies shouldn’t be bothered. It must be something else that is bothering them. But the teeth that comes through twist under the gums! How the hell does that not hurt I say?

So yes there is the usual suspects to help a teething baby like pain relief, oral gel, teething rings, some swear by amber necklaces or counter pressure of your own finger but I thought I would share of the more interesting remedies I came across. All I can say is anything is worth a try!

  • Cold, refrigerated fruit like banana or mango in the fruit mesh feeder
  • Use your chin – I laughed at this one. Having a baby hang off your chin either just looks way too funny or will bloody hurt if they have teeth already. Talk about a new gravel rash!
  • Putting a wet wash cloth in the fridge overnight and give it to the baby to chew on in the morning
  • Give them a baby hairbrush – they love the soft bristles (a toothbrush can also work)
  • Breast milk slushie – need I say more??
  • Freeze a bagel – that is a unique teething ring if I have ever seen one!
  • A refrigerated spoon
  • Cold apple sauce
  • Cinnamon sticks  – apparently cinnamon is said to be a natural analgesic, they’re hard and they don’t splinter
  • Frozen crinkle cut  fries !!

So what are you tricks to help your babies through teething? What are your crafty ideas other than just using some panadol?


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  • Dr Teeth says:

    Love this — thank you! Some very good ideas here. daughter’s teeth seem to cause her a lot of trouble for months, and she hasn’t even gotten any through yet!

    • Ahhhhh her teeth will come through before you know it. Or perhaps like Janel – all at once! Fingers crossed for pain-free teeth for you both!

  • Janel says:

    Wow, great tips! My son just broke 4 top teeth at once, no pain relief helped it was a night of severe pain & crying (both him & me). I didn’t realise multiples can come through at the same time! For him the frozen wash cloth, cold teething rings, fruit and amber beads didn’t work. Perhaps i should have tried cold chips?? However he absolutely loves chewing on the baby brush!! Also loves cold apple purée, teething rusks, chewing on his sipper cup and lets not forget Sophie our number one giraffe!

    • Teething is really not fun and I can’t even imagine 4 at once!!!! Thanks for your tips!

  • Emma Fahy Davis says:

    Fortunately none of my girls have had too much discomfort with teething but I do use amber beads, mainly because they look cute!

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