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Get this mother a drink!

I’m a woman who likes a drink. Always have, always will.

I married a man that likes a drink.

So when I fell pregnant no one told me that it would be such a long time between drinks. Seriously.

Yes, you can have a drink here and there but hell one drink is just “teasing” in my book. At times after no sleep and a baby up all night, all I felt like was the bottle! One measly drink just doesn’t cut it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a raving alcoholic but just a woman that likes a drink. Drinking I associate with fabulous nights with friends in cool bar, nights at home playing cards with friends drinking a good bottle of red to all hours or a cosy night at home with my husband.

Being sober AND pregnant or breastfeeding is just not that fun. As I said no one told me this……I hold all of you accountable!!!

So now I’m back on the “wagon” so to speak and have never being happier. Not only have I got my body back (hallelujah!) but I feel like I have my social life again.

So when we were waking up our baby past midnight to take her home in the pram and wobbling down the street from our friend’s house New Years Eve with a few “roadies” it struck me…am I a bad parent now? Or now just a parent with a life?

Mixing the old world with the new world has being interesting. On one hand it has made me so happy to feel a part of it again and not being the driver and waiting for everyone to finish their drinks or stuck in another room breastfeeding whilst everyone is having a good time. I truly don’t miss this at all.

On the other hand I certainly feel I can’t play up like I use to. The universe’s way to remind me of my new responsibilities is a hangover. Oh my!! Those hangovers have not gotten any better, only worse. And with a child waking up at 6am and all you want to do is roll over then you realise that drinking and living a life of 10 years ago has been and gone. Now that is totally sobering….

So in 2014 I am going to enjoy a drink. I’m not going to feel guilty about it. I’m going to embrace a sneaky beverage at wine o’clock if I want to….and BECAUSE I CAN!

So as I have just gotten home after stuffing 6 bottles of wine under the pram from the bottle shop and getting THOSE looks I’m going to hold my head high, I’m not a bad mother, just a mother who likes a social drink and wants to enjoy life.

P.S those 6 bottle aren’t just for tonight! Just a good bulk deal! I am a Raj after all!

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