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Why Prams are like Caravans

I can remember during my childhood my mother complaining bitterly about caravans on our roads. Hard to get past on the road, moves at the speed of…

well a pram and leaves an appalling dribble from its occupants. However this comes from a lady we called affectionately “Lead Foot Lizzy’ who can’t stand anything going under 100kms on the road!

Just as there are many caravan haters on our roads, there are just as many pram haters on our pavements.

I receive death glares as soon as I roll into a small shop. Yes it is hard to manoeuvre a pram but I am still a paying customer and I WILL move if you need to get past whereas often you won’t.

People disdainfully “hmmph” if I overtake them whilst trying to get my bub to sleep. Yes the baby is screaming so let me get as far away from you as possible. I am doing you a favour. Seriously!

And god forbid if my pram gets in their way of their supermarket trolley. And yes, the biggest vehicle wins in the supermarket so I WILL move to let you and your trolley past

I get it, I do. Particularly since in our suburb every second person seems to have a pram but it’s not much fun being attached to a pram for a significant part of your day. Seriously the first time I tried to take the pram for a spin I spent more time trying get it to move/ get the baby in and out than actually driving the thing. Where is the remote control to just magically put it up and down?

So next time you see a pram down the street and the parent’s eyes falling out of their head, please don’t be a pram hater, be a pram lover.

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