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Breastfeeding – the death of a wardrobe?

I use to love fashion. Designer brands or just a great piece of clothing that “fell well on the hips” all the way please! I have to admit I was working hard at this time and didn’t have much time to shop, so when I did I felt I could really spoil myself.

Therefore, it has been a strange feeling to experience being a “dependant” now with no money coming into my bank account now my maternity leave payments have ceased. I have always prided myself on being a very independent woman. So now I have to really think about what I buy… do I really need it. That combined with breastfeeding is truly the death of a wardrobe.
I am yet to find a breastfeeding top that makes me feel glamorous, sexy or dressed up. Yes, I know you are probably saying at this stage in my life I won’t really be feeling sexy anyway but I do feel pretty dowdy compared to others and can’t bring myself to spend up big on these tops as I keep saying “I won’t be breastfeeding forever!”. There seems to be constantly an occasion that we need to attend that isn’t just a ‘casual day in the park’ and once I have my daughter clothed I seem to only ever have 5-10 mins to dress myself and walk out of the door.
You also might be saying, just use your existing wardrobe and fling your breast out and make it work. Unfortunately I feel self conscious at the best of times and this has just amplified this with breastfeeding. Would I normally show I whole table at lunch my boob before kids – no. That and the fact that my existing tops don’t seem to fit like they use to!
Perhaps I am not looking in the right places for breastfeeding attire so I welcome comments and suggestions.

Kristy says:

My tip… Go for really nice floaty scarves instead that double as covers for feeding and to disguise other shirts. At the very least they are easy to reuse later when feeding is over.

Emily Lingier says:

I wear bonds breast feeding singlets under all my tops instead of breast feeding bras. I feel more comfortable flopping out the girls when I only have to show off a bit of boob rather then boob and mummy tummy. They also come in a few different colours so can look nice under button up shirts as well.

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