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Move over Bachelor, bring on the musical Once for your romantic vitamins

I love a good musical.

When  I lived in London and could pop down to Leicester Square, 20 pound last minute tickets, meant you could see the best shows in town.

Back in Australia it is more of a special occasion (Pappa Raj and I aren’t as young and foot loose as we used to be) and went to  see ‘Once’ the musical last night.

Now I’ve just told you I am a musical theatre nuffty I also have to confess I really didn’t know much about Once (although after winning the triple whammy of an Oscar, Grammy and no less than 8 (!!) Tony awards it isn’t as unknown as I thought it was!!)

With the orchestra as part of the cast (not an easy feat to play a instrument, sing, act and dance!) and the story based in Dublin in a pub, this is sure to appeal to an Australian heart – love the Irish, love a drink! The line up of champagne and Guniness to kick off the night made you feel like you were right back in Dublin.

This musical is unlike anything I have seen. When we arrived there is a party on the stage with a pop-up pub erected for celebs and  front row ticket holders to hang out until the show begun with the cast playing for entertainment. A great way to sit back and people-watch with my Maltesers.

Since the Australia’s Bachelor has just concluded (although with the early splitsville and controversy, Bachhie isn’t such a likable fellow anymore!) this show is about you guessed it, a guy and a girl and how he  lost his music – and then found inspiration with love.  Nothing better than a love story between two buskers to give you a good dose of romance for the night. It shares how someone can make such a difference to your life in a short time and how music does really touch the soul.

A show like this only comes around Once (boom boom! Sorry had to say it!) so go and check if out whether for date night or a girls night out. It will bring a smile to your face.

Once the musical is being held at the Princess Theatre 1 October – 9 November 2014 in Melbourne.

Mamma Raj was hosted and the tickets paid for for this performance.

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