Automatic line for manufacturing of foam concrete blocks Wall blocks, produced of not-cured gas concrete using progressing vibroimpact technology


Earth Block Compressed Interlocking Soil Stabilized Enviro-Bricks are Fireproof

Earth Block Compressed Interlocking Soil Stabilized Enviro-Bricks are Fireproof, Waterproof, Insect Proof, Sound Proof, Hurricane and Earthquake Resistant Utilizing Recycled Stabilized

Soil Earth Block Green Home Construction Technologies

Energy Efficient, Environmentally Friendly, Mother Nature Built, Sustainable Construction

Environmentally Friendly Enviro-Bricks and Earth-Brick Homes are your affordable option. The American dream of a brand new custom home is now within reach for the average home buyer. If you would like to have a home built, please consider our recyled environmental “Green” homes. As we enter the 21st century we are at the dawn of a New Environmental Revolution. Our mission is crystal clear: preserve our environment; mass recycling; reducing deforestation; energy conservation and ending pollution of our planet. Through a focused grass roots effort of word of mouth education, we can all help Mother Earth more effectively than has been done to date.

There are many environmentally focused businesses in the world, but few that offer what Enviro-Bricks does. With a totally recycled building system, “Green” has never been “Enviro-Brick Green”. One of the most severe situations in the world is affordable housing. Sadly, this is a worldwide problem and the U.S. is no exception in having an economical solution. Enviro-Bricks has the most advanced solution yet!

It was recently reported that only three in ten families can afford to live in California. This same sad scenario is true across the country, so what is the answer? Enviro-Bricks are an economical solution as we use low cost mobile manufacturing units which recycle fly ash and wood waste along with stabilized soil and convert it into a superior building brick called Enviro-Bricks. We also manufacture hardscape earth bricks for walls, landscaping, sound abatement and fire wall protection.

As most of us realize, the lowest mortgage rates in over forty years has helped, but it is not the only answer witnessed by the current low affordability factors nationwide. Most people are living paycheck to paycheck with little or nothing left at the end of a month to go towards saving for a down payment on a home. With the additional factor of new home prices rising up to 30% or more last year in some areas, what is a family to do?

We are an Environmental Construction Solutions Technologies company specializing in low cost road remediation and residential and commercial construction utilizing our low cost high quality Enviro-Bricks construction system. With millions of miles of roads crumbling in disrepair, combined with the need for affordable housing due to the ever increasing costs of cement and lumber, ECTS has the answer. Lumber prices have more than doubled in the past six months, so the need for affordable alternatives is growing daily.

Imagine converting any dirt road into a superior strength road surface at a fraction of the cost of cement or asphalt? Imagine recycling fly ash into new roads with our RP soil stabilization which will save millions on road remediation and construction for every municipality in every state nationwide? Combined with our breakthrough in recycled building and construction bricks that look like high quality fired bricks, we have the only viable environmental and economical solution available.

Imagine a superior low cost home that is fire, water, insect, sound, mold and can be certified hurricane proof. With our exclusive interlocking brick design feature we are also able to meet or exceed earthquake certifications. Combined with our superior R-value and cost saving construction system, why would anyone want to build with an inferior wood stick and frame system? Once you live in a home constructed of solid brick or stone, there is no comparison.

With all these Enviro-Brick advantages, plus energy savings of up to 50% on heating and cooling, lower insurance costs with a fireproof and waterproof home, your overall savings can be significant. If these are not enough reasons to consider building with Enviro-Bricks, then think about stopping deforestation and cement manufacturing pollution worldwide. When you consider a “Green” home, why spend up to 20% more when you can save your hard earned “Green” with ECT.

The Principal Facts on The “R” Factor of Insulation as Applied in Earthen Construction Utilizing Compressed Stabilised Earth-Bricks as Energy Efficient Alternative

It has long been a documented that Adobe is a very good insulator in the form of housing bricks, this however is not in the technical sense of the word insulation. The actual insulating value of any material is based on the resistance to the transmission of heat or cold applied to one side of the wall to the other side. Heat always moves to cold, hence, mass has an impact on this rating system, but there is no factor used to calculate mass ratings and variables.

On the other hand, earth walls have a good heat storage capacity, which means when warm, they will stay warm for a considerable length of time. This is called the “flywheel” effect. In a real building application the interior temperature will usually be at an average of the high and low temperatures outside from several days earlier. This is termed the “thermal lag” effect. While the outdoor temperature may vary from 30NF to 40NF in a 24 hour period, the inside changes will vary only a few degrees. Thus, the temperature might be 90NF in the day and 60NF at night for several days. The inside of the buildings will approximate the average temperature of 75NF. This feels cool compared to the daytime 90NF. and warm to the night time 60NF. The comfort factor is high because this dampens the wide variations in the exterior temperatures.

As you can see, there is far more that can and does impact insulation factors other than just the R-Value. Unfortunately, there are no standardized tests to establish thermal mass factors to date, so one must understand this before they choose a material for their home solely on R-Values. Many factors must be considered, and one is the above average mean temperature from night to day. In extremes, this will be a major factor, in the above example it will indicate the value of mass.

As the material used in the manufacturing of Enviro-Bricks is variable depending on where, and what plans the bricks will be used for, the R-Value will be customized to areas needs and/or the codes. We use fly ash and cenospheres in combination with soils which produces a rather high insulation factor due to the fact that fly ash is a very fine particle size and fills the voids around soil to produce a very high density brick when compressed. Cenespheres are essentially ceramic vacuum air filled bubbles. As a vacuum is the best insulator, we can achieve very high R-Values, and combined with mass, and density, there is little concern about lack of insulation. We have also added sawdust to also raise the R-Value when available in place of, or in combination with our cenosphere additive. When you have high density using unlike materials of different thermal qualities, this reduces the thermal transfer time, which thereby equates to better energy efficiency. We also use cenospheres mixed with paint when additional insulation values are required under extremes.

The industry is finally accepting the influence thermal mass factor has on the R-Value, so we will soon see a new rating system, which will factor in these new scientific findings. It is my opinion that we will soon see a new rating system, which will prove that thermal mass is as important, if not more important than then R-Values. Earthen construction has higher thermal factors, and less insulation value, while stick and frame has no thermal value and a higher R-Value. It has been clearly demonstrated that the energy efficiency factors are similar with both building construction methods given the same weather factors and test conditions.

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