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A dollar saved is a dollar earned? Or does it just mean a new pair of shoes?

I used to work in advertising agencies. I don’t think I’ve you told that yet.

Yes, I was one of those people  – talked a lot, bantering over whether there should be a full stop or not and drank Tequila in the agency bar from 5pm. It was all about work hard, play harder.

Did you know the average age of people working in an ad agency these days is 25 years? You certainly need to be younger to sustain that lifestyle is all I can say!

During my years in advertising, I worked on a number of campaigns for big brands. Some of those were big insurance companies in the UK and in Australia.

Question: Was working on an insurance client in an ad agency all that fun? Well yes and no.

The one thing about having a good job in advertising is making sure you have a good budget. A good budget ensures you can try new things, be innovative, make big TV ads and laze around in a marque drinking coffee watching a small screen whilst they film.

Insurance is one of those industries where it isn’t seasonal. People are buying insurance all year round.  So insurers need to be advertising constantly to be top of mind. This is why you see and hear so many ads and can’t get the jingle out of your head (yes you know those jingles I’m talking about)

So when Youi approached me I was like – yes I’ve heard about you. Not from any other place other than all the advertising!!

The key things I learnt during my time working with insurers included:

  • Insurance is a commodity. Price is the number one priority for decisions made
  • People don’t love insurance like their AFL team (unless they have made a claim and had a good experience)
  • People are not motivated to move – just like changing bank accounts. It is perceived to be too hard – this is what financial organisations want you to think!
  • There are so many insurance comparison sites and new insurers in the market now – like Youi – that has made insurance now competitive. Loyalty doesn’t count anymore – getting a good price does
  • There is little difference between the key discounts they offer such as bundling your home and contents with your car insurance,  loyalty discounts, no claim bonus for example

However think beyond just the offers they promote. 

If you are a mum at home or on maternity leave have you considered that your insurance premium may be reduced because :

  • you do less travel each day? i.e. you aren’t driving to work and back each day which depending on where you work could add up to quite a few kilometers
  • you are parking your car at home in a safe garage rather than somewhere in the city or on the street whilst at work

A dollar saved is a dollar earned as my father-in-law says (or as I say it means a new pair of shoes – oops did I say that!)

So I would encourage you to check out Youi to see if you can save while you are home with your baby/s and while you have some space to think – when you aren’t cleaning up and running around the house that is! Its worth checking out – if not for the fact of getting some new shoes!

I recommend to give them a call because during the online process they will need to talk to you to verify you are a person. My advice is just to call from the outset to save you time but be prepared that to make a good assessment i.e. get a good price you will need to have at least 10 minutes to answer their questions to get a quote.  Once again by spending the time now, you ideally will save later! This is why people think it is too hard but it is just taking that extra 5 minutes.

Check them out today:

Please note: This post was sponsored by Youi Insurance.

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