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Does your car influence your personal brand?

A car is like a new fancy accessory for women –  as much as it is for men these days.

You may dismiss that your choice of car doesn’t mean anything at all. However I do have to confess upfront we have a car that is 16 years old with a dent on the side. I’m not sure what I am trying to say about myself here really! A worn-out women needing a desperate make-over??

However, in all seriousness women influence 80% of the purchasing decisions around cars.  Does that surprise you? It surprised me since I haven’t been into a showroom. However when you think about it, women ferry kids around to school, sport, social gatherings and then the well worn path of home to work. You could say a car is as important daily as what you eat.

So when Ford approached me to have a look at their family cars this could not have come at a better time for us. The Raj’s are in the market for a car with number 2 on the way and no way of fitting everything in the old beast. Pappa Raj is being reluctant at the moment but as the double pram just arrived this week I think it has dawned on him that for all practical purposes we will need a family car (yes I think I saw him gulp and swiftly went down the hallway to get a sneaky scotch).

My first reaction was…Ford.  What did I think?

Well, actually I come from a “Ford” family.

It brought back memories of when I was growing up. I can remember the day my Dad was so excited about buying a new Ford Falcon. These shots are taken at this moment. The family with the new car on the front lawn (ahem…we won’t say anything now on the haircuts, outfits or that I’m not really a blonde (!!) ..ok?)

My dad thought he was the coolest dude on the planet.

So it is true once a Ford fan – always a Ford fan?

When I reached out to some friends one of the first comments were “Well you would have to be a ‘Ford’ person’ to buy a Ford ….what does this mean?

I think of the two Aussie icons Ford and Holden and for a number of years these were the two key brands in the market.  However if you check out Drive there is now a huge shortlist of 16 cars! Geez Louise. Whether you are a Ford person or not you have a lot to consider out there when you are shopping for a car – not just want to means to drive around in it.

Ford Territory came up again and again. It has a good rap for a 7 seater car:

  • Roomy but didn’t feel too huge that you can’t park it.
  • Fits 3 adults in the middle seat
  • Super comfy seats – they are leather around the edges and cloth in the middle so your legs don’t stick in summer or freeze in winter.
  • The usual but important suspects – rear camera and sensors, sat nav, DVD in the back if you want
  • Perhaps a bit hard on the petrol if that concerns you but they do have diesel too

So with a bit of research under my belt I thought I would go and check it out. On their website the live chat reached out to me and they said they would call me in the morning to set up a test drive. And yes they did. Tick. Good service goes a long way – particularly when you are a busy mum.

I started to get cold feet when I arrived. I’ve never driven a big SUV before – what the hell was I thinking! I could just sit in it. That would be enough right? The sales person, Sujit whom I had set up the time with on the phone was lovely and put me at ease as I didn’t really know what I was looking for. I walked around but thought I’ll go with the recommendation of the Territory model. When did I need 7 seats! How life has changed!! But the seats did seem really comfy!

Yes. I could see myself driving this. Yes. It didn’t seem as big inside as what I thought. Yes. ….so I signed my life away to drive around the block – literally. I didn’t realise they came with you – its like have driving lessons with the teacher slightly twitchy in the passenger seat (but without brake pedals! I would be twitchy too).

Test drive completed. Easy, quick. A good experience really even though I was so nervous I drove like my grandmother.

What is all this “if you are a Ford person?” Does brand really matter? I would say somewhat. Mostly it will come down to if you feel you can drive this everyday and it will be comfortable and meet your needs.
For this reason I would say Ford is definitely a good choice to put on your shortlist.

Check out their website here to get more details on their range of family cars


The Falcon as certainly changed in 20 years! Check this out! Not like the 80’s!

Do you think a car is a statement about your personal brand? What is your favourite family car?

Please note: This is a sponsored post written for Ford.

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