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Preparing for number two

When a new brother or sister is on the way – what can you do to somehow prepare your first born who has had all your love and attention their whole life?

Since my daughter isn’t really talking yet the importance of trying to make her understand what ‘having a baby means’  without having a conversation is a tricky one. I think she knows something is going to change. In general she has been more clingy and keeps pulling my top down to look at my boobs (very anti-social!!). Seriously is that normal?

Here are some tips I have researched that I thought I might share about how to help prepare your first born for another baby in the family:

1. Give your child access to other newborns 

This will help them associate ‘baby’ with a real life baby that will be in their house very soon!  Note to friends with new babies – I will be visiting very soon!

2. Get them involved in preparation for the new baby

Get them to help decorate the baby’s room i.e. what colour they want for the walls. Not sure what to do when the baby uses everything of theirs…..ahhh they won’t remember.

3.  Make them feel like they have taken a step up in family dynamics rather than a step back

Call them ‘your number one helper’ and give them roles around the house to help you (win/win!). Give them ‘extra’ responsibilities as a big brother or sister such as letting you know when the baby is awake in the car (I might put potty training also on this list – if I can get out of two lots of nappies I will try!)

4.  Using books as a way to communicate 

I have found two great books below from our local bookstore – not  sure on some references to me being a house or getting fatter but hey!

Have you go any other great books to share with other parents?

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