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My first attempt at a lolly bar

I thought it would be a fun idea to make a lolly bar for my husband’s birthday.

Not that he is the biggest lolly fan. I am. (Isn’t that how married works? Haha)

So I visited my favourite friend Google and woah….for some of the online suppliers I found to get the lolly bar delivered with single coloured lollies it was looking like $500.

Hmmm. Perhaps not.

To keep this at a reasonable cost, I worked out pretty quickly I needed to do this myself – could it be that hard? I didn’t need a lot of containers. I justified to myself that I could just recycle them for future birthday parties?

I found the perfect containers whilst visiting my brother recently in Canberra at a local $2 shop store. The only problem was to pack these containers up in an already heavy bag and hope that they made it back in one piece. With the HEAVY tag appended to my luggage and left over nappies (clean of course!) and baby clothes shoved inside each container and then wrapped in towels and coats, they did find their way back in one piece – just.

To find the lollies I googled once again and I found this great place aptly called “The biggest lolly shop in the world’.

They were a great company to get one colour lollies in bulk and they were delivered within 2 days. Fantastic.

Lolly Bar

So mission complete. I felt proud as punch that I actually pulled it off.

How did it go down? There was certainly appreciation for my creation but there are a couple of things I would think about for next time:

1) Parents handed out the lollies very sparingly to their kids. I suppose they didn’t want to put them to bed on a sugar high !

2) Adults drinking beer and red wine don’t really feel like eating lollies

3) I bought some plastic tongs for people to use. Something more solid would have been better. Its hard enough after a couple of drinks to lift the glass lid let alone then trying to operate plastic tongs!

4) Paper espresso cups worked a treat to have something people could put the lollies in

So the result…. every night this week by husband has been complaining we have too many lollies in the house and he HAS to eat them. Then he looks at me like I’ve given him the worst present in the world “Babe, why did you have to get so many lollies??”

Eating our way through it …slowly
Eating our way through it …slowly
I’m certainly trying my best to work my way through the lollies to help him out (there is no I in TEAM!!!) However for our friends we are visiting this weekend – I’m packaging up the remaining lollies and they are coming your way . We need to evict these lollies now and find them a new home!

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