New mum critics Enter Summer!


We all become our mothers

During those awfully behaved teenage years, we all feel we won’t EVER be like our mothers.

But as I get older, and now a mother myself, I find I’m getting more and more like my mother. We often forget how much of an influence they are on our lives (in good and bad ways) but here is my mum-like qualities I seem to have unwittingly taken on:

1. The obsession of over-catering

I cannot stop myself from catering for far more people than are actually I need to. It is like I could not show my face is there was even a chance I might “just” have enough and it truly unthinkable if I ever ran out of food or people are scrapping their plates. So it becomes an exhausting production of making far too much food, then eating it for a week later with my husband constantly reminding me that I am an obsessive over-caterer.

This is one of mum’s great receipes – Orange Cake. I cooked this for 3 ladies coming over – once again over-catered!!! Should have stuck to cupcakes!
This is one of mum’s great receipes – Orange Cake. I cooked this for 3 ladies coming over – once again over-catered!!! Should have stuck to cupcakes!

2. Doing way too much

When I was growing up my mother was seriously super woman. With 3 children, a business to run and managing a household, she had 100 things going at any one time. I still don’t know how she manage to get us all to our different sporting event (and watch some of them) for all three of s=us at the same time. Now I am certainly not super woman but I certainly seem to take on more than what generally is manageable. I have the same problem as my mother about my ability to say ‘No’ or ‘I’m exhausted, can we do this another time’. We solider on at the demise of ourselves with the end result generally ending up with a cold in bed for a couple of days.

3. A weird love of three quarter pants

Perhaps it is because I have my mothers legs, but we’ve both never being into the short shorts or skirts. Three quarter pants whether it is “in fashion” or not is what I remember my mother wearing every summer (and continues to this day). And now I find myself now perusing the shops for the same pants (and have a few in the cupboard too)!

4. Being the best mother I can be

I don’t think you really appreciate what your mother has truly gone through for you until you become a mother yourself. It is a lovely thing to be able to connect on another level with your mother. And it is a lovely thing to see them being grandmothers. I can only hope I will be as dedicated a mother to my daughter as mine was to me. I will always put my daughter first and want her to grow up knowing I will always be there for her. My mother is still there for me. You never really stop being a mother.

5. Kindness

My mother is one of the nicest people I know. She never has a bad word to say about anyone. I cannot claim I can be this “good” or “kind” but I certainly try my hardest to be kind to others, Leading by her example or aka “the voice in my head” reminds me everyday on how wonderful it is to be kind to everyone and it always better to take the high road.

Do you find you are taking after your mothers as you get older? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

Happy Mothers Day to all those mothers this weekend and especially to my gorgeous mum!

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