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My Life in Minutes

My life is now measured in minutes. Not hours. Not days anymore. Just minutes.

I can do multiple things in a minute . A minute can be a long time.

I also trade minutes.

I do some extra work early in the morning so I can spend some time with my daughter and get home early.

I make cake mixture at night so I can just pop it into the oven in the morning (yes it does work)

I don’t wash my hair as often so I have more time to actually put on make-up (its hard to work out what is more important hair or make-up these days when sometimes you can’t choose both! )

Its all about minutes and making the most of every minute.

The juggling act isn’t easy. It is chaos on a whole other level I have not experienced before.

Do people really understand how busy working mums are? I certainly didn’t.

Did I think they were crazy when they turned up with two different socks to work or one eye made up and the other not. Yes probably.

I don’t think I really appreciated that they are up at the crack of dawn and completed a day before others even start work.  Did I realise that when they leave earlier than others it is to save those minutes for their kids and to spend quality of time with them.

Minutes with family and friends and precious. And you want to grab them with both hands – even if it means the washing basket is still overflowing or you forget to buy bread (ahh who need bread!)

Now I might just go for a sneaky nanna nap today. Trading sleep rather than out in the sunshine. I’m good with that !

Do you save minutes? What do you save them for?

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