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What would it be like to be a princess?

The Cambridge’s have arrived in Australia and it started me to think what would it be like to be a modern day Princess?

I know I have been banging on about Princesses this week, but after Princess Mary met her Prince in the Slip Inn (a colourful place to meet someone in the heart of Sydney), I truly believe this means that becoming an instant princess can a reality for anyone, anywhere.

Hey, if Mary can find a Prince with a black AMEX at the Slip Inn, it has to be possible.

[Insert obligatory comment here] Ok ok, I know, I am married.  I have already met my prince and wouldn’t want anything else other than this gorgeous man  every day.]

But……what would it be like to be a princess even for a day?

I started to dream about all the wonderful things being a princess would provide:

  • You would wear all the best designers dresses and have people knocking on your door to just give you stuff!
  • You get to travel – in style not with you knees up near your nose
  • Being treated to the best tour in each country – being a princess means you really do get to see a tour of all the best places in town
  • You have all the help you want – nannies, cooks, cleaners, stylists
  • No carrying luggage, port-a-cots and prams when you travel
  • You can have really whatever you ever want – always!

Then I thought about:

  • You have to deal with a million tours of schools, hospitals, churches and kissing babies and smiling even if you are bored beyond belief
  • You have to do some public speaking and look like you know what you are talking about (well maybe!)
  • What happens if you have a fight and then have to look all loved up – all day!
  • You have to deal with all the pomp and ceremony that goes on for hours !!!! Seriously in heels that is a feat.
  • You can’t really say to your grandma that you don’t really feel like seeing her today as you are hungover
  • You have to take your child around the world missing routines and jet lag (uggh!)
  • You have to tart up every day (tart as is dress up versus the other meaning!). Make-up, heels, dresses – ok I can see this would get a bit much
  • You always are photographed and criticised for even the slighted bump or pimple

So I got to this point and realised the negatives outway the positive before I go on and on.

Welcome Princess Kate, Prince William and little George to Australia. Australia welcomes you and are totally intrigued by you (well I am).

However  I’m pretty happy to hang out with my ugg boots and trackies tonight and leave you to your royal duties. I’ll catch up with you next time.

Happy Easter!

Do you think the negatives outweigh the positives? Would you want to be a princess?

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