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Grooming – you are kidding me?

I am going to be “Captain Obvious” here but where did all that time go to groom yourself when you have a child?

Like seriously?

I seem to spend more time working out what my daughter is going to wear and then I have 5 minutes to whack something on that hopefully fits and I don’t bulge in all the wrong places. Case in point was is easier to find her hairbrush to take a photo (below) than my own!!

I think each day this week I have:

a) forgotten to brush my hair (thank god for hair bands)

b) put on mascara on just one eye

c) found some weird hair growing out the side of my face that scarily long that it could have been there for months!

d) and the ultimate this morning was my daughter vomited right before I walked out the door so I had to find something to wear in a 1 minute before running out the door

The universe is seriously working against me. Yes, yes I know. I could wake up at 5am to fit everything but seriously, life is too short and sleep is waaaay too important at this point in my life.

I have never been vain to spend hours grooming in the morning but…some grooming is needed!!!

When I saw mothers looking a bit unkempt I didn’t realise this was not a choice but something completely out of their control (yes I will add to the list of all those things people did not tell you before you had a child!). I also feel that there is this pressure to present that you are ok, you can ‘do anything’ – including your hair in the morning!

However at the moment for me , life seems to have prioritised everything else over the way I look and I am struggling to get this time back to ensure my undies aren’t on the wrong way and that I have some lipstick on!

I think the highlight of my month is to get my hair done. 3 hours of bliss. Trashy magazines, no screaming/needy child and coffee. Bliss. I’m on count down, 2 weeks to go until my next appointment.

But instead of dreaming, I’ve put “solution hat” on….I gotta fix this and fast.

My strategy at the moment to have a plan B.

My current thoughts are

have a spare “grooming survival pack” in the car and the office with all those little samples you get in the “gift time” at the cosmetic counter
take on my mums advice., to stay in your dressing grown until you are just about to leave the house
And yes perhaps I should try and get up a little earlier (not a lot just a little!) rather than racing around like a mad woman (fleeting thought for a moment….yep, scrap that idea!)
Any other suggestions to help my grooming crisis? How do you get out of the house looking gorgeous?

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