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Can we ban press studs?

So I’ve just had one of those days. One of those days where the press studs have just got the better of me.


Whether it is in the middle of the night or bleary eyed in the morning these little critters always seem to provide some frustration.

It doesn’t matter if you have fat fingers, big fingers, old fingers or nicely manicured fingers – press studs can get to us all.

My daughter has decided it is really fun to move on the change table now. Therefore, doing up press studs is getting increasingly hard with a baby trying to roll over and/or wriggle.

And when I think I’ve got it and done up the onesie, low and behold it laughs at me with a gapping hole somewhere where the press studs are misaligned. (Something I just think F**K it and don’t worry about it but sometime I exhale and go back to it again.)

Now whilst I am sharing my woes I also want to share a piece of advice to all those lovely people that kindly buy presents for little ones.

PLEASE PLEASE do not get something with press studs and even more importantly don’t get something that has press studs on the back of an outfit (this is even harder for the mother to navigate!)

I am sure I have bought present with press studs (pre-baby) on the back of a top before I knew what a pain press studs were….perhaps this is karma for me???

So my good friend the ZIP. We will be friends for life and we won’t talk about press studs anymore. Press studs are not our friends. Totally high maintenance and not very friendly at all!

Am I the only one where press studs drive me bonkers? Know any good ZIP onsies?

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