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Double Trouble. Tips for Twins

I wanted this review  to focus specifically on twins to help those mothers out there navigate not one but two babies. Yes, for mothers with one baby this just boggles the mind how to cope with two!!!

A great place to start if you are expeting twins or want to join a community for support and advice is the Australian Multiple Birth Association. Their facebook page shares lots of great recommendations from mothers in the know and their website shares a lot of research and publications. They will also put you in touch with your nearest AMBA club for more local support.

Below are some helpful items to put on your shopping list below (this is obviously in addition to all the usual baby products you would get).


Item Advice
My Breast Friend twin feeding pillow My Breast Friend came out as a clear favourite if you are shopping for a feeding pillow. Highly recommended over the milkbar or boomerang pillow. However if you are looking for a boomerange/ milkbar pillow parents advise to not buy an expensive one. $10 pillows from Kmart as just as good.In addition some parents recommended not to spend money on an expensive pillow and just use standard pillows at home to save money.
Either a Rocker/ Bouncer/ Swings x 2 If you can afford 2 that great but at least one so you can bounce the other while feeding. For bouncers mothers recommended the Baby Bjorn model
Microwave Steriliser Fits a good amount of bottles and so quick and easy to use. Tommee Tipee has been a recommended good brand to buy.
Bath seats The ELC Dual Bath seat fits in the bath so that both can sit upright in the bath whilst you bath them both from 6 months +. You can also just buy two bath seats to help at bath time
Play Mat To keep them entertained with colours, lights and music with a comfortable mat for them to play and fall asleep on (one mother shared the rainforest play mat from Mothercare was her best purchase)
Grow Suits/onsies with zips Don’t waste time and energy with buttons or press studs (time is of the essence!!). Go straight for the onesies/ grow suits with zips. So much easier.
Vomit rags/ washers Have plenty of these, you will be amazed at how many you go through.   You can use either a cloth nappy or small towel/ washer.
Baby carrier Great for non-pram friendly places, airports or if you want to do a quick trip to the corner store. Parents recommend to get two so you can either can put one on the front and one on the back/ or to have one for you and hubby.But if you don’t get two, just get one so you can put one baby in the sling and one on your hip to easily get around when you can’t use the pram. Ergo Baby Baby carrier was recommended by parents.
Bed mats/sensors You will need to buy two as there’s none offered  for twins but these are helpful to know that your babies are breathing – particularly during the night.  Also see Mamma Rajs recent  survey on baby monitors.


One of the specific requests from our readers were on what prams are the best for twins. Here are the recommendations from parents in the know:

1. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double

This pram can fold in half, is lightweight, lays almost flat for the baby to sleep in and has big shades. The only thing to note is the small storage underneath the pram but it is enough to fit spare blankets and wraps and you can always buy s generic caddy to clip on.

Baby Jogger website:

2. Valco Spark Duo

Side by side so you can see both babies and the seats turn into bassinets for when they are little. Seats can face either way so they can face you when newborns and face out when older. It fits through a standard door.

Valco Website:

Baby Jogger City Mini Double

Lightweight, adjustable handles, manoeuvres impeccably and most importantly fits through a standard door. Fits maxi cosi capsules.

Baby Jogger Website:

There were some mixed reactions to the Bugaboo Donkey and Moutain Buggy Duo. They are both worth a look but these were quite polarising – some love them, some hate them.


So I totally get that parents with twins hands are literally full all the time. But if you have a second, let us know your thoughts on products that we should share with other parents to help them

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