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Lucky to be lucky

Lured by champagne – which isn’t hard when you are me – I popped down to our local book shop/toy shop on Friday night for a spot of shopping.

recognised that he was babysitting whilst I was shopping and boozing – nice to be the other way round this time!>.

So yes back to the champagne….buzzing with champagne (dangerous or delicious when shopping??) I had a lovely time looking at all the gorgeous gifts for kids and picked up a cute animal puzzle for my daughter for Christmas. So nice to have people give you personal service and helpful suggestions – it doesn’t happen that often these days. So now one present down!

I got a text yesterday then saying that I had won the lucky door prize. Oh it is so wonderful to be lucky sometimes and I won a gorgeous baby pack from Three Four Knock on the Door, Port Melbourne. And I felt I had to share some of the things in this pack as there are some really good little finds here

Buggy Book

Talia, my daughter just loves books and this is a great little find to attach one to the pram. Often she is more into chewing the books than reading them (!!) but really cute idea and I’ll go with anything that will keep her occupied these days.

Buggy Book

Em’s 4 Bubs

These are little earmuff with a headband to protect “little ears”. So cute but great to protect her with new years fireworks coming up, sporting events or perhaps to protect her from my rants that may result in her 2nd word in this world starting with an “F***”.

This is totally going Mamma Raj’s “What’s hot” list this week – SO AWESOME!

Melorescue – daily rescue kit by Melobaby

A more serious item but small and compact bag holding some first aid items that can easily fit in your nappy bag. So if we have a fall in the playground, insect sting or high temperature I feel like I am now prepared. Its funny I did think about first aid kits when Talia was born and I have one in the car and at home but it didn’t occur to me until now that I probably need some things when I’m out and about with the pram if something happens. Particularly as we move towards playgrounds being our best friend (not so sure I’m looking forward to that phase in my life!!)

Grace and Favour Anklet and Necklace

Now I haven’t tried the power of amber but I know people who have. So it is great to have the chance to try this out as we are going through the PAIN (yes I have put this in caps) of teething.

Has anyone tried these? Do you think these work?

Amber jewellery

So I’m smiling smugly feeling like such a winner! Its nice to feel like a winner for once. Thank you Three Four Knock on the Door!

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