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Dear Baby: I love you in sickness and in health

One of the recent comments on Mamma Raj’s Facebook page from one of our lovely reader was:

“What I didn’t realise before kids is how much love you can have for one child’

So, so true.

And I have found this even to be more true after our daughter has fallen ill recently 🙁

Seeing a defenceless little bub ill and looking at you to make them better has to be one of the most heart breaking things to go through for the first time.

We had been in and out of the doctors all week and being first time parents probably a bit over cautious and anxious – but can you be too overly cautious when it comes to your baby’s health?

I feel like you need to have qualifications to be a nurse to work out is this normal?? Or should we go to the doctor?? Are they hungry /tired or is this different? Is this fever high enough?? Too high?? I’m sure you learn this more the longer you are a parent but at this point in time it is quite harrowing !

This is another experience that I don’t think I appreciated until I have been through it. A great GP does help wonders to break down the questions and worries.

We also found the Royal Children’s Hospital website fantastic to answer questions. I recommend to check the fact sheets they have online if you have questions on your child’s health:

From this experience I have decided to make a donation to help the great work these guys do and encourage you to reach into your pocket ( I know you get many requests and it is also Xmas!!). But think about next time your child is sick and by giving them even a small amount it will help the great work they do. Every bit counts and goes a long way!

It is so true that a child’s good health is all your can wish for and I really feel for those how have had challenges with their own children’s health and my heart goes out to them – particularly coming up to Christmas.

Any tips from other parents when you have a sick child? Any recommended sources to help worried parents work out what is normal and what is not?

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Raelee says:
November 19, 2013 at 1:15 PM
Nurse on Call and Doctor on Call are amazing sources for parents when your children are sick. Nurse on Call will answer any questions that you have and she will recommend what you do next. Doctor on Call is a service for after hours 7 days a week. The Doctor will come to your home and guess what its FREE. It can take quite a few hours for them to arrive but in my experience they ring to let you know if they are going to be a bit longer and too see how your child is going. Phone numbers for these fabulous services are:
Nurse on Call: 1300 60 60 24
Doctor on Call: 03 9429 5677

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