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IKEA flies high when it comes to high chairs

Well the survey is in and the IKEA Antilop high chair comes in first by a long, long way.

Affordable (around $29.99 in their latest catalogue click here),

easy to clean and very portable with detachable legs, this chair is versatile and user friendly. Perhaps not the sexiest baby accessory but certainly practical – and this is why most restaurants and cafes use this very high chair. If you are feeling that this chair may not be the most comfortable for your bub you can also purchase IKEA padded inserts (see below). This high chair now comes in blue and white.

“Easy to Clean” comes in as the number 1 attribute from parents when looking for a high chair. So watch out for any nooks, cranny’s or crazy padding when you are shopping for a high chair.

Below is a list of attributes to help you make your decision around the best high chair for you.

Attribute Advice
Easy to clean Make sure it is easy to wipe down or hose off (if need be!). The less grooves and padding the better.
Easy access Easy to get the child in and out (but difficult for them to climb out of).
Easy to store Easy to store when not in use.
Portable Detachable legs and a light build are ideal to take this with you to a restaurant / friends house.
Safety belt Key to ensure you keep your child strapped in. The 5 point harness is generally hopeless.
Safe Sturdy enough and well built so your child is not at risk
Size Make sure it can accommodate babies and toddlers. There are cushions you can use to ensure the space is not too big for little babies.

There were other high chairs that were recommended other than the IKEA Antilop and they are here below to make a shopping shortlist for you:

IKEA BLAMES high chair

Co-ordinates well with your other dining furniture but the seat is higher up and there a step for your child to climb up on. Perfect once the baby is 18 months+ instead of a booster seat. Comes with a tray that can be attached or not.

Fisher Price Luv U Zoo high chair

Recommended by parents as the fabric is easy to clean, you can adjust to multiple heights and have adjustable straps so your child is always secure. For more information on this product click here

Steelcraft Monet high chair

The great thing about this high chair is it has wheels and easy to move around and clean. You can take the tray off and roll it up so the bub can eat with the family. For more information click‎

Mamas and Papas Pixi

Similar design to the IKEA high chair but has more comfy foam cushioning and the tray is closer to the baby’s tummy (very helpful when they are younger). It is more expensive than the IKEA high chair so you will just need to weigh up if these features justify the extra cost. For more information click here

What is your favourite high chair? Do you agree the IKEA high chair rocks? Did you know you can get padding to help babies that are little to easily fit into high chairs?

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