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Top 4 Prams

There are so many parents I know that have had to go back and buy another pram.

Prams are certainly not the cheapest item on your list so here are some tips and recommended brands (including preferred products) shared by parents in our survey to help you make the right decision first time.

Theses prams varying in price and are suited for different terrains but the aim of this post is to provide you with a good shortlist to help you start your shopping rather than spending days on googling or filling out a manual spreadsheet.

One of the most insightful comments from one parent was that there is no one pram that suits everyone’s needs. Get the pram that suits your needs at the time, the age of your baby and consider the terrain you will use the pram (country v city). Having the right pram is so important for your baby and more importantly  – you.  Your pram will become just an extension of your arm – for quite some time!

So here they are – ta da!


Some insights and advice on these prams:

1.      Baby Jogger

Baby Jogger prams (specifically City Select featured above) have being recommended due to their ability to convert into a double pram when the family starts to expand.  These prams are easy to fold down (you can do with one hand) and versatile to peruse shops in city to off-road. When you are reviewing your budget it is worthwhile to mention that  few accessories come as standard when buying a Baby Jogger pram so you will need to buy separately items including wind/rain cover, coffee cup holder and parents console. Models recommended include: City Mini GT, City Mini, City Select.

2.      Bugaboo

Bugaboo is a clear favourite for parents although it sits at the top of the pram price range. Two models of the Bugaboo have been recommended from parents in our survey and both provide different but essential features. Bugaboo Chameleon can insert a Maxi Cosi capsule with some easy adapters into the Bugaboo base for convenience. The Bugaboo Bee (pictured) is recommended as it is very lightweight, easy to push and very portable.

3.      Phil and Teds

Phil and Teds is a popular pram with parents. Easy to get down the aisles of supermarkets and it has the added benefits of the toddler seat attachment. Highly recommended for suburbia and the countryside. The huge pump wheels make it easy for parks, on grass and up and down gutters. However this model is not as easy to cruise around in the inner city where the wheels make it difficult to get on buses etc.

4.     Steelcraft

Parents have recommended this brand for its flexibility to use a capsule for newborns and has an option for a toddler seat when you have 2 kids.  This pram is strong and sturdy with one parent sharing you can’t puncture its tyres! It is a larger pram in size and good for rough surfaces/off road/ the countryside however the wide wheels can restrict you going into shops and some mothers have had difficulty getting it in and out of the car. Models recommended include Strider 3 and 4.

To work out what is right for you, here are some key consideration when shopping for a pram

  Weight The weight is one of the most important attributes to consider for a pram. How heavy is it to carry? Push up a hill? Lift up stairs?  With a baby and toddler in it? Get around if you are pregnant again? The less weight the better.
  Size Size does matter. You need to ability to get down shopping aisles, through checkouts and into shops. Ask if the pram is wider than a standard wheelchair.
  Portability Make sure the pram is easy to fold down and you can put into the car boot quickly. If you can put the pram in the boot one-handed that is even better!
Get a pram you can also  use as a stroller We received feedback that people have bought an expensive pram and then have needed to but an additional stroller once the child is over 6 months.  If buying a pram you should understand whether it has the flexibility to be used as stroller once your baby is 6 months old.
  Easy to push Can you push this one handed and answer the phone at the same time if you need to?
 Accessories and attachments Know what is available, at what cost. Ask about cosytoes, sun umbrellas, cup holders, adapters for baby car seats (and understand what car seats will fit).
  Warranty Understand if you attach any ‘unapproved’ accessories does this affect your manufacturer’s warranty? Is it easy to get replacements/ additional parts?
Toddler seats and car capsule option Flexibility is key for now and in the future. We didn’t think ahead and this was a huge flaw and had to buy another pram – please don’t do the same. If you think there is even a chance of more kids – think about this!
Wheels Are they solid or inflatable? If inflatable know which pump fits the valve/ wheels.

Happy shopping!

Do you agree with this list? Have we missed a pram you love – let us know!

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