Breastfeeding – the death of a wardrobe? So I lose my partying lifestyle, my dignity and now… my hair


To buy or not to buy, that is the question?

I was thinking about all the things you need for a baby – SO MUCH STUFF!

Unbelievable really for such a small person!

One of the lovely ladies in my mothers group Janel and I have put together this Hospital Checklist along with some recommendations to help those expecting mothers.


There are lists out there but I wanted you to have a list not from a David Jones or Baby Bunting, but from parents who have been through it. There may be some things on this list that you may not need as we kept this relatively broad (and each person has different needs and budgets) but this did get me thinking about all those things you don’t need.

It is amazing how many things you may buy or you will receive as a gift that you don’t really need and here is Mamma Raj’s top 5 tips:

1. Don’t buy any clothing that has buttons or press studs on the back

Absolute nightmare when changing a baby! They are particularly difficult for dad’s with big hands. Stick to zips if possible!

2. Baby Bean Bag

Lovely thought but just stick to an old fashion rocker or bouncer. Bean Bags are not the cheapest to buy and a bouncer can include a lot more features such as a massage chair/ music / toy attachments.

3. Baby Bath Seat

This can be helpful when you have more than one child and trying to manage little naked critters at bath time but our mothers group have found by just putting the baby in a small baby bath first then moving to a bath with a little water up to their ears is much better than a seat – and no need to buy anything.

4. Bath products

It is so easy to go out and buy a whole suite of bath products so you are ready from day 1 but be aware that some products may not work for your baby and they can have a reaction. Stick to samples first that you get in your mother-to-be bounty bags/ samples from the hospital. If you are going to buy something my advice is always go for the one for sensitive skin/ organic to be safe if you can.

5. Infant insert for baby carriers

The beauty of baby carriers (as they promote!) is they grow with the baby so you can adjust to their size. You will find that it will work just by adjusting the carrier to the size of your baby. If you do buy the infant insert you will only use this for such a short period of time and the benefit of this purchase is relative low.

Have you come across any useless or unhelpful gifts or products? Please share!

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