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The day I jumped into the shower with my bra still on

I remember it vividly. I was up all night with my daughter. Well, most of the night in spurts and starts, and this had being going on for 6 weeks. No Sunday sleep in’s anymore to catch up!

Everyone tells you, you will have sleep deprivation but I don’t truly think you understand until …well…until you are so tired you jump into the shower with your bra still on.

The worst part but I didn’t even realise for at least a few minutes before the horror of what I was doing and what had happened to my life washed over me (literally!)

The years of partying hard I thought would hold me in good stead. How wrong I was.

Now this isn’t meant to scare our lovely pregnant ladies but it was harder to function than I thought. And some things are easier than I thought (although this is entirely dependant on the baby).

Heading out of the hospital with our new baby in her capsule, my husband decided to go through Macca’s drive through. Yes a McMuffin meal deal please! He figured this is generally what helps after a big night. If only Macca’s would do the trick. I think that was the last time I went to McDonalds!

What have you done in the newborn haze? Do you believe in baby brain?

Marion says

Newborn-induced sleep deprivation is like the worst jet-lag you can imagine. After Charlie was born I had three realisations:
1) sleep deprivation is a torture technique for a reason!
2) surprisingly, I can function on 2hrs sleep in 24
3) travelling internationally with a newborn is ideal, in that due to your newborn-induced jet-lag fug, it really doesn’t matter a jot where you physically are!

On the up side, I found the interrupted nights much easier to deal with second time around when Nate arrived – in my daughter I had the living, breathing proof that the sleeplessness doesn’t last forever!

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