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Parents: Call to Arms!

Parents: Call to Arms!

So we begin, comenzar, avviare!

We are excited to bring to you our first survey and are calling for parents to help other parents with their insights and recommendations.

Parenthood is hard enough, but your input will be really helpful to others when they are looking at products and services for their children (and you might pick up some tips along the way too!)

There are 10 questions so it won’t take long. Its simple and easy – we promise!

Revisit those old spreadsheets and lists you used for research or if you are a lucky one where baby brain didn’t continue after you had the baby just jot down your thoughts off the top of your head.

We will post the results each week and it would be great if you sign up to our monthly survey to contribute and get the results firsthand in our newsletter.
Now down to business…..

Start Parents Insights Survey Here
Thank you in advance!

So yes, I don’t necessarily look like a “Raj” and often people get confused when they meet me for the first time – are you expecting someone that looks like my mother-in-law? But this site shares my experiences, observations and most importantly recommendations from the many parents who kindly share their insights on the best products on the market for children and babies.

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