Porous concrete massifs on the automated contour bend machine Cement and inert aggregate silo


Universal cutting system (УРК)

Application of the foam concrete cutting equipment (УРК)

УРК is used in manufacturing lines for producing autoclaved and non-autoclaved gas concrete for receipt of wall and partition blocks with geometrical imperfection from the specified size not more than ±2мм.
Blocks produced on УРК have smooth surface without oil film. Guaranteed cutting accuracy enables to lay blocks on a thin-layer or adhesive solutions.
УРК design allows to produce blocks with various standard sizes using only one kit of forms.
УРК mold is simple in production process. Cleaning, lubrication and assembly for one mold (0,9 m3) takes about 2-3 minutes.

Materials for foam concrete manufacturing

Cellular concrete with the uniformly-cellulated structure, manufactured according to GOST 25485-89 is used for cutting. Material. cured enough for steady cutting (4-12 hours after filling in the form). is used on УРК.

Technological process / foam concrete cutting

After being filled into moulds foam concrete becomes up to necessary strength (4-12 hours depending on the structure and producing technology) at 20-300°С. After that mold with cured massif is placed onto the transportation trolley of the УРК, the top of the metal mold (a cap) is removed, the operator pushes the START-UP button on the control panel and massif is cut into blocks of the specified size in automatic mode. During this procedure a thin layer of the top and edges of the massif are cut off.
After this the cut massif is removed with the pallet from the transportation trolley of the УРК and cures for another 4-8 hours, then blocks are laid on wooden pallets, packed with film and moved to the warehouse.

Control panel has speed of lowering of cutting cars control system, that allows to establish necessary frequency of the block surface finishing (from smooth up to deep wave).

The nomenclature of produced blocks

The minimal thickness of the block – 75мм.
The maximal thickness of the block – is limited by the linear dimensions of the massif.
Within the massif size it is acceptable to fix any necessary dimensions.

Brief technical characteristics of gas concrete blocks

УРК – 3М

Massif dimensions (l/w/h) – 1200/1200/600 mm.
Design capacity – 12 kW.
Maximum power consumption – 7,5 kW.
Design dimensions (l/w/h) – 12/3,1/3,3 m.
Output (actual) – 12 m3/hour.
Operating staff – one person
Continuous operating time is not limited
Operating modes – manual, automatic
Amount of simultaneously cut massifs – two

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