Steel Barn Siding available

Steel Barn Siding available above. Peer into the motor truck in addition to you’ll see that unique machine. A year later, he printed “The Vengeance of Nitocris” within Weird Tales. The woman lays from 5 to 7 white, spotless eggs at intervals of 2 or else 3 days. Avoid the make use of of a particular power rinser on behalf of that occupation. This programing process is a particular sequential approach to the preservation of historic wood frame buildings. Your make use of of that website is subject to, in addition to constitutes acknowledgement in addition to acceptance of, our Terms of Use. Related terms include photomask materials of construction, roofing metal and non, residentail metal roofs, metal roofing machines, and metal roof detail ridge cap. Let me understand every single one the stupid material in addition to every single one the tires I reinvent. Hardwood floors make heat in addition to richness, in addition to join value to a particular house. Bearing partition- A partition this supports any vertical load within addition to its own weight.

Everlast II metal roofing and siding is far superior to anything else. The white reflective topcoat is applied above fabric-reinforced joints in addition to screws. Since 1999, IronPlanet has been auctioning equipment above the internet to buyers throughout the US in addition to around the world. Other phrases include metal singles roof, metal roof sealant, metal roofing procedure, metal roofing how to install, pole house building tutorial, millenium metal vertical panel roof, pole buildings, metal roof residential, pole barn building kit ohio, residential metal roof insulation, metal roofing gibraltar, how to build a pole building, metal roof estimate cost, handyman metal roof, metal roof boot flashing, materials of construction of steam turbine, pole building plans free, handling leaks at metal deck roofing, metal roofing install, construction materials testing phoenix. The NAIMA 202-96 Standard assures this fiber glass insulation recovers to the appropriate thickness in addition to delivers the intended R-value after lamination. But after 40 years within the salty air, the VAB’s insulated aluminium outer panels proved faraway more vulnerable. Look for steel barn siding. Our patio covers are not built from a particular kit, yet planned in addition to constructed by means of an industry leader. Rockets Round 1 Playoff Series within high-definition on HDNet within Texas. Related phrases are structural pole buildings, consumer reviews of metal roofs, tennessee metal roofing contractors, jsm metal roofing electric seamer, and metal roofing materials san diego. Looking on behalf of the latest styles in addition to colours within pretty asphalt architectural shingles?

Based within Moberly, Mo., in addition to founded within 1967, Mid-Am today runs 6 branch locations within Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, in addition to Kansas. They are environmentally beneficial, being wrote of between 60 to 65% recyclable stuff, in addition to are very energy efficient. For Doorways build the Trim within the equivalent manner in addition to cut to fit above the doorway. This is THE position to locate a particular post-frame builder, supplier or else plan professional. Barrels used on behalf of petroleum products would not be used. Art Under a particular Hot Tine Roof within Jackson, Tennessee. Aluminum Siding is a particular very great insulator on behalf of my house, therefore lower heating in addition to cooling bills can be anticipated. Made from the best Canadian wood, kiln dried in addition to milled to a particular pretty finish, the Mt. Our personnel are too available to supervise scheme applications to insure a particular quality installation. Heavy duty crossrails transport up to 165 lb loads like ladders, lumber, cargo boxes or else canoes. This ensures this every single one sensitive information you send to us via the World Wide Web will be encrypted. So simple to erect this most of our customers make their own building with immense labor price savings! Our American company has a particular long tradition of excellence, leadership in addition to value. Yancey Bros is a particular continuation of a particular long household tradition of house improvements began within 1892 with Yancey Lumber Company.

Barn Roofing

Learn Pole Building Construction With designs For Barns, Cabins in addition to Outbuildings An easy, inexpensive… If you are a particular non profit organization, inquire around our free plan. Bell too queried if equipment parked at 420 Wagner Rd. comes out by means of day doing concrete work elsewhere. Find out around our Privacy Policy in addition to our Security measures. Related terms are pole barn building plans, how to build a pole building equipment shed, metal roofing how to install, metal roof estimate cost commercial, and metal roofing install. Steel does not supply fuel on behalf of fire or else food on behalf of pests. Although the club has a particular long history, it is a particular history few individuals understand or else care around. All schemes are planned on behalf of the longest life cycles within the industry. Contact us today to locate out how Baldock Barns can protect my investments in addition to supply you with peace of mind. The great reputation of the “FeiYue” has been lasting on behalf of above 30 years. Every bush used on behalf of commercial purposes is replaced by means of more than one new plant in addition to the carbon circle proceeds indefinitely. The question, however is this that product experiences corrosion, particularly within places of high humidity or else salty sea winds. You are a particular Do-It-Yourselfer in addition to wish to undertake that project yet want a particular small help. The next adjoining panel will cover the clips this secure every panel (left). They consist of multiple mats laminated together in every shingle.
Everlast II metal roofing and siding is far superior to anything else. Books on the subject are selling like hotcakes, in addition to even code officials within a little places are accepting that building scheme. Ipe decking in addition to T&G pine flooring is always within stock as well. Related terms are meuller metal roofing, metalbestos chimney over metal roofing, pole barn buildings prices, tennessee metal roofing contractors, and inexpensive metal roofing. Construction designs may not be returned on behalf of credit in addition to/or else rebate below any circumstances. Search on behalf of my new land house, cabin or else cottage by means of style, size, even master suite location. If you read the labels on many paints, they will teach you to apply the product to a particular clean, dry surface. Always place my weight on the trusses (rafters) this are usually spaced every 16 or else 24 inches. The panels go within a particular broad variety of colours. Related terms are pole building spokane, pole building new jersey, photomask materials of construction, flashing skylight corrugated metal roof, and pole buildings delaware. A majority of the association’s members focus on the building sector in addition to work with house building in addition to professional contractors.
Gay had an epiphany: “I realized I can’t spend your life on a particular street corner. Follansbee retained in addition to continued to improve its greatest-selling products of coating lines in addition to sheet metals. Just peel the backing off in addition to stick it within position. Our staff is available to work with you or else my contractor within locating in addition to pricing the products demanded on behalf of my project. Pasadena is a particular veritable museum of Arts in addition to Crafts style homes dating from the early 1900s. Our Construction Forum is a particular good position to take speedy replies to my queries. It comprises chlorine, what when burned can produce the poison dioxin, researchers speak. After paying an initial activation fee, you can review unlimited house improvement leads on behalf of free.

How to Install Metal Roofing

How to Install Metal Roofing available above. In many cases the rot repair (if caught early plenty) is included within our re-side cost quote. If copied on the internet, a particular link have to be supplied to that page. It cures by means of chemical reaction to form a particular self adhering seamless membrane. The Hardwood Plywood Veneer Association (HPVA) will once once again be our co-sponsor on behalf of that popular meeting. Related terms include metal roofing installation, gold roof metal, injuries due to hazardous materials on construction, metal roof residential, and instructions for installing metal roofs. It is a particular necessary prerequisite to insuring the safety of everyone involved within the project. The only drawback is this within very cold climates, it can become brittle in addition to crack.

Everlast II metal roofing and siding is far superior to anything else. Southern Roofing Services, Inc. was formed within 1983 by means of Mr. A wood-fueled electricity generating plant may be within my future. He was a particular sick boy, also, both of body in addition to spirit. The question, however is this that product experiences corrosion, particularly within places of high humidity or else salty sea winds. Related phrases include truss spacing metal roof, material purchasing building construction, morton pole buildings, meyer pole buildings, and compare metal roofs. It regards effects on energy make use of, air in addition to water emissions, global warming in addition to other topics. Some water leaked below the doors yet the shuttles had been raised off the ground in addition to stayed dry. We have a particular big inventory of timber-framed buildings in addition to log cabins. Built like good furniture, our Lattice Series incorporates the quality you wish within my backyard. This scheme was tested on behalf of structural performance within Canada within the 1980s. Related terms include core-tin metal roof, unit weight granular construction material, ditch construction materials, flagstone construction material, and mobile home metal roof replacement. To be ServiceMagic Certified, a particular member service professional have to encounter every single one the requirements on behalf of basic membership. Just click on any category on the left to see a particular complete listing of websites within this category. Protect these difficult to maintain, difficult to paint places with our selection of premium soffit in addition to faccia. All also often most companies have elected to make use of questionable gimmicks to motivate the public to purchase from them. The back-up of water behind such a particular dam will cause leakage within unsealed underlays, such as shingled felts. The secret is this you take it back if you stay within the home on behalf of a particular long time. Yancey Bros is a particular continuation of a particular long household tradition of house improvements began within 1892 with Yancey Lumber Company. Bed retailer features name-brand wood in addition to metal beds, daybeds, futons, in addition to bed accessories, such as headboards in addition to benches. Call today on behalf of pricing up to 60% off of conventional brick, block or else wood building costs. Pitch pans, however, would not be used to keep supports watertight, in addition to would be avoided where possible. We reserve the right to substitute a particular cookbook of equal or else better value. There are most different types of steel buildings out here. Striped Bass – Anchor up there on behalf of speak around the many sought after fish of our inshore waters. The bond may be used to pay on behalf of the unpaid bills or else disputed work of the contractor. Check out the latest AIBD news, schedule of upcoming national in addition to regional events in addition to valuable information to enhance my membership.

Barn available above

Barn available above. Once you have begun shopping on behalf of replacement windows, you may locate yourself taken back by means of the most options available. The failure to properly plan the flashing on behalf of the penetration. Click there on behalf of schedule of events, in addition to full details. The prey is tom apart in addition to swallowed — bones, skull in addition to every single one. Based within Moberly, Mo., in addition to founded within 1967, Mid-Am today runs 6 branch locations within Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, in addition to Kansas. We have distribution on behalf of stuff handling equipment nationwide resulting within low costs in addition to speedy ship times. This scheme was tested on behalf of structural performance within Canada within the 1980s. Related terms include installing metal roofing around chimney, metal roof detail ridge cap, treating rusty metal deck roofing, metal roof snow diverters, and metal roof residential home. Our product is unique within the fact this the unit cabinets are manufactured from 100% recycled high density polyethylene pla… Make a particular 90 degree. bend within center of level place to form a particular corner. Metal Roofing Material We locate you sites relating to my hunt on behalf of Metal Roofing Material. Optional First Class in addition to Federal Express shipping are not available on behalf of that selection. I can’t stress plenty how important it is to maintain the original fabric of a particular historic house. This will remove soap residue in addition to insure this the metal is clean. The forming machine, called a particular brake, is specifically planned to form the interlocking panels.

Everlast II metal roofing and siding is far superior to anything else. The colour does not peel, blister or else flake, so here is never the want to paint. I imagine we want to do this fixing, in addition to that blog is a particular begin of giving a little thoughts together. Related terms are pole house building tutorial, surplus metal roofing, pole buildings washington, vapor at metal roof deck, and pole garage buildings. It is important to ensure this here are no creases or else fishmouths within the polyester, particularly along the uppermost border. Although a little of those instructions may apply to Standing Seam, only our Plus Ridge Panel instructions are covered there. Terms such as pole buildings spokane, metal roof georgia, metal roofing tools, pole building barn kits alaska, and how to build a pole building equipment shed are also related. If the post is not coming under ground, climb post anchor brackets to either pre-cast pad or else footing.
You can support a particular local agency, or else on behalf of example the World Food Program – just click on the banner under. In the mean time, there are a particular few pictures. It is a particular necessary prerequisite to insuring the safety of everyone involved within the project. Routine coal plant operations consequence within an estimated 28 million tons of the byproducts every year being placed within landfills. We have a particular strict Privacy Policy in addition to do not share my information with outsiders. Farms in addition to towns have been developed on big deltas.

Tin Roof

Tin Roof above. We planned that site on behalf of you, so you would have a particular speak within it! In above 130 altered industry places, ASTM standards serve as the basis on behalf of manufacturing, procurement, in addition to regulatory activities. But after 40 years within the salty air, the VAB’s insulated aluminium outer panels proved faraway more vulnerable. Fishermen got the men to the navy vessel, yet then steamed off without them. Related terms are metal roof installation guide, how to install metal siding, windstar metal roofing, truss spacing metal roof, and prices on pole buildings. Digitally published vinyl is a particular variation on the typical one colour vinyl applique. It can come under 55 during the nighttime as long as it gives over 55 during the day. Always place my weight on the trusses (rafters) this are usually spaced every 16 or else 24 inches. Look inside in addition to see how the ASTEC scheme works. The amount of time demanded to complete that procedure will alter as the amount in addition to degree of oxidization varies. You will locate cracks if it is not fiery formed. Our American company has a particular long tradition of excellence, leadership in addition to value. Updates in addition to changes can be made within mins., speedily available on behalf of the dealers it serves, from Illinois to Colorado. Parkinson held Lagestee is not running a particular motor truck terminal out of his house. Our specialty is manufacturing marine plywood kitchen in addition to custom made cabinets on behalf of high humidity places.

Everlast II metal roofing and siding is far superior to anything else. The new second edition is greatly expanded, updated, revised in addition to within full colour. It has too got high ratings from Underwriters Laboratory. Related terms are injuries due to hazardous materials on construction, metal roof guttering, seamed metal roof panels, sheet metal roof pricing, and roof vapor barriers metal deck. Local weather patterns in addition to person building specifications are taken into consideration. Gay had an epiphany: “I realized I can’t spend your life on a particular street corner. This is the second time a particular semi motor truck has caused major damage to The Standard building. Look for tin roof on Our scheme utilizes the accuracy in addition to reliability of GPS technology to supply complete synchronization on behalf of clocks, bell schemes in addition to computers. On a particular universal model, the parameters alter among areas, lands in addition to countries. Related terms are road construction material felt, pole building morton, do it yourself metal roof, farmhouse metal roofs, and construction material tracking scanners. No effort is made to make or else even line the nest. We have literally thousands of satisfied customers in addition to we’d like to join you to our ever growing list. The combined zinc-iron finish makes a particular practical, durable, long lasting surface. Actual prices may differ from these derived using the software because of local price differences in addition to site specific project issues. The increased span capability permits the make use of of a particular lighter gauge what can prove to be price effective. Super Seamless Steel Siding builds a particular World of Difference. Craftsman home plans… favorite Greek Revival home designs… barrier-free home plans… I already owned every single one the necessary tools including a particular ripper, slate hammer, stake, cutter, copper nails, in addition to stainless steel slate hooks. The general contractor has an “image” mark (too shown enlarged) what can be used on the next project.

Burj Dubai Design

Not only is it tall, the design of the Burj Dubai is groundbreaking in many other ways. 64 floors of apartments makes it the first worlds tallest tower to offer residential space in centuries.

For the head architect, Adrian Smith at Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, challenging designs is nothing new. He’s been behind the Jin Mao in Shanghai, the United Gulf Bank building in Bahrain and most recently the the Trump International Hotel and Tower.

Trump in Chicago, 415 m (1362 ft).
Photo courtesy to: Skidmore Owings and Merrill LLP

For the Burj Dubai design Adrian Smith and SOM decided to use the bundled tube design, the same design SOM choosed for the Sears Tower and revolutionized the construction industry in the early 70s. Lead architect at that time were the famous Bruce Graham also from the Chicago office as Adrian Smith.

Bundled tubular design illustrated with a model of Sears tower, Chicago, also once
the tallest building in the world and built on the same principles as the Burj Dubai.
Picture Courtesy to Katoholieke Universiteit Leuven

The major advantage of using a bundled tubular as you might be able to tell from the picture are limiting the influence of shear lag. Shear lag is particularly an issue in skyscraper designs such as the Burj Dubai’s with it’s large side dimensions and what the Bundled tubular model do is simply making it possible. The Y shaped floor plan, inspired by the flower of Hymenocallis takes advantage of the bundled tube design of Burj Dubai and creates a variety of different spaces inside the building, all with a great view.

The Y-shaped floor plan.
Picture Courtesy to Emaar Properties PJSC.

Allied Bank Plaza, Houston.
Another example of bundled tube design.
Photo Courtesy to: Houston Architectural Info.

As for the Allied bank Plaza which shapes a dollar sign when viewed on from up abowe the lobes of the Burj Dubai design hide the shapes of a mosques onion domes, something which can be seen from certain angles close to the base if you look up the building.

In recent years Smith has become commited to energy efficient designs, for the approved Pearl River Tower project in Guangzhou, China, he worked together with former SOM architect Gordon Gill and together took sustainable designs to another level.

This was clearly shown on the Burj Dubai design as well, thermally insulated and with no horizontal surfaces to prevent dust to settle and keeping the energy efficient cladding clean are both major measures pointing in the same directions.

Looking at interior design the lobby will consist of two floors and as for the hotel and 160 of the apartments in the building the Giorgio Armani S.p.A. and EMAAR Hotels & Resorts LLC closed a deal in late 2004 to create the first Armani labled hotel in the Burj Dubai.

The Armani hotel will have a spa and five restaurants and the interior design of the apartments are Armani themselves responsible for. In total the complex will cover 40 000 m² of the floor space(in total 314,000 m²). Wa international, a Dubai based design company has been consulted on other part of the projects.

As for Adrian Smith, our beloved architect behind this project he and SOM decided to walk separate ways. Having said to be responsible for 70 to 80 percent of the Chicago office profit he left SOM october 2006 are now right in the middle of setting up his own practice with Gordon Gill, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture. Turning 63 next year I still hope we have many groundbreaking designs to look forward to and recalling what Smith said himself recently: “I’m not planning to cut down before my 70:s birthday” I’d say chances are pretty good.

The tallest building in the world

Not even halfway through construction the Burj Dubai is already the 5 th tallest building in Dubai but staying it is another project. (As of 11/10/2006.)

Tallest title put in a perspective.
Which titles could the Burj Dubai really claim?
Approved or Proposed new Tallests.

Tallest Title Put in a Perspective.

A spokesman for the developer, Emaar, said in a interview “I don’t think Burj Dubai tower could claim the title in 10-15 years, it would surprise me.” Me to. The Empire State Building managed to keep it’s title in 42 years, quite an accomplishment and that also an record in it’s class. In recent year the competition has been closing in even more, the Petronas tower only managed to keep the tallest building in the world title for six years and the current holder Taipei 101 for less then five if Burj Dubais construction progress as expected.

Taipei 101, Current worlds tallest tower
with a rooftop height of 1470 ft (448 m),
most likely 200 m(670 ft)shorter then challenging Burj Dubai.

Although the final height of the Burj Dubai tower is keept a secret the aim is very clear, the tallest building in the world all categories. At least for a short period of time. This would guarantee a height of at least 630 m (2,067 ft) to beat Taipei 101, the CN tower in Toronto and the Fargo mast in North Dakota and most certinly will it be much taller then that.

CN tower, Toronto 553 m (1815 ft).

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Which titles could the Burj Dubai really claim?

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat’s, one of the most respected sources when it comes to categorization define the following four measurements for the tallest building in the world(note buildings).

To Structural Top: Height to structural top of the building.
To Highest Occupied Floor: Height to the floor of the highest occupied floor of the tower.
To Top of Roof: Height to the top of the roof.
To Tip of Spire/Antenna: Height to the tip of spire, pinnacle, antenna, mast, or flag pole.”

The Burj Dubai will have all the abow titles but with it’s great height it will also claim the “tallest freestanding structure on land” and the “world’s tallest supported structure on land”, traditionally out of any buildings league and there has already been argued if the Burj actually could claim it no matter it’s height.

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Approved or Proposed new Tallests.

At any given time there is always dussens of projects aspiring on the worlds tallest tower title. A majority of them never raise abow the ground but remember, Burj Dubai was once also only a visionary tower which only a few really expected to get built. At the moment challengers to the title are almost exclusively visionary projects, no approved or proposed ones. However I have sorted out a few projects which seem more likely to get built then others but in the footsteps of Burj Dubai I’d also say it’s most likely I´ll have to update this list again very soon.
Tallest Tower list*
Building and location: Height:
Bionic Tower, Shanghai or HK. 1128 m(3,701 ft)
Sky City 1000, Tokyo. 1000 m(3,281 ft)
Enviro Mission Solar Tower, NSW, Australia. 1000 m(3,280 ft)
Millenium Tower, Tokyo. 840 m(2755 ft)
Al Burj, Dubai. Above 700 m(2296 ft)

*All types of structures and statuses listed.

The Solar Tower is an interesting challenger to Burj Dubai, it’s one of the two projects on the list that’s actually not only a vision, it’s proposed. what looks like a gigantic chimney make use of the wind to run a generator and also reflects the sun on thousands solar panels surrounding it on the ground. If beeing built this project could however only claim “the tallest free standing structure on land” -title, a title Burj Dubai most likely won’t be able to claim anyway but it’s still quite a spectacular project don’t you think?

Proposed Solar Tower in Buronga NSW, Australia.

Al Nakheel, the developer behind the other proposed building on the list, the Al Burj, has clearly stated it will rival the Burj Dubai tower when it’s expected to open in 2010.

Al Burj tower, Dubai Waterfront, Dubai.
Picture courtesy to Al Nakheel.

The next contender however are most likely to come from Asia or the middle-east but there’s projects in the west to of course, Fordham Spire in Chicago and Russia Tower in Moscow for example but with it’s current designs none of them are to rival the Burj Dubai. With the sudden changes the world experiences today almost nothing is for certain though and in a weeks time the situation might be a lat different so make sure to come back 🙂

Developer Emaar’s Burj Dubai Development

Developer Emaar’s Burj Dubai Development To Drive Company’s Participation At MIPIM 2005

Dubai, March 6, 2005: Emaar’s prestigious Burj Dubai Development and Dubai Marina will be among the several lifestyle properties offered to investors and homeowners at the 2005 MIPIM exhibition which will take place in Cannes, France, later this month.

The exhibition –now in its 16th year—runs from March 8 to 11 at Palais des Festivals and attracts the leading real estate developers from Europe, North America and Asia.

Emaar is making its second consecutive presence at the annual global property forum. The company, globally acknowledged as one of the world’s finest, will be led by a high-level delegation.

Robert Booth, Executive Director, Emaar: “The Burj Dubai development has become more than a wonderful property that houses the Burj Dubai and The Dubai Mall. It has become a signpost for everything that the city of Dubai stands for. The world has already acknowledged Dubai’s role in the Middle East as a prime mover of business, finance, leisure and lifestyle enterprises. Emaar’s appearance in Cannes with iconic properties like the Burj Dubai development and Dubai Marina will further raise Dubai’s stature as the Middle East’s city of the future.”

Visitors to the Emaar pavilion will get an opportunity to view the sheer size and magnitude of the five million square feet urban development featuring Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest residential tower, The Dubai Mall, the world’s largest entertainment and shopping mall, The Boulevard, The Old Town, man-made lakes and landscaped parks.

“With the Burj Dubai Development, we are creating a new architectural landmark for global property developers. In its daring vision and planning, the landmark project reflects the dynamic growth of Dubai’s real estate sector making it the favoured place to live, work and invest,” said Booth.

Reflecting the diversity of Emaar’s lifestyle offer will be the Dubai Marina, the company’s unique waterfront development regarded to be the French Riviera of the Middle East. The internationally acclaimed project comprises residential towers and luxurious villas that have been created around a 3.5km water channel. It is the region’s first ‘intelligent city’ that will eventually house 40,000 people in stunning surroundings that boast international restaurants, coffee shops and boutique-style retail shops.

“With its ever-expanding range of property developments, Emaar has altered the architectural landscape of Dubai. This exhibition provides us with a good opportunity to illustrate Dubai’s success as a lifestyle destination as well as connect with the key players in the real estate industry,” said Booth.

Emaar’s participation at MIPIM marks the end of a successful year for the property developer as it grew from strength to strength in size, value and product offerings. The company recently announced record annual
profits of AED 1.691 billion for the year ended December 31, 2004 corresponding to a net profit increase of AED 1.015 billion or 150 percent. This year alone, Emaar handed over more than 8,000 homes to its owners and launched nearly 40 developments, unprecedented for any developer anywhere in the world.

Courtesy to Burj Dubai developer Emaar Properties PJSC

Cement and inert aggregate silo

Our company produces cement and inert aggregate silos.


height of the frame
(without supporting frame)
up to 15 m
Silo diameter up to 3,5 m
Operating volume of one silo up to 80 m3

1. silo frame
2. supporting structure design
3. disk valve, rotary
4. pneumo-breaking-down circuit or vibrator
5. loading pipe

1. aspiration system
2. dancers with walk-site protection
3. top walk-site protection
4. levels sensors
5. automation unit for pneumo-breaking-down circuit
6. union flanges for screws (accordingly to customer’s Technical Specification)
7. horizontal, inclined, composite screws (accordingly to customer’s Technical Specification)

Q, т (cement) 20 30 40 50 60
D, mm 2400 2400 2400 2400 2400
H, mm 6600 8475 10350 11550 13475
H1, mm 8000 9700 11900 13000 15000
L, mm 1550 1550 1550 1550 1550
Q, т (cement) 70 80 90 100 120
D, mm 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000
H, mm 10890 11650 13200 14650 16890
H1, mm 12200 13000 14700 16000 17000
L, mm 1890 1890 1890 1890 1890

Regarding purchasing of equipment contact marketing department
ООО «Incorporated Industrial Company»
Russia, city Kaluga, Svetlaya St., 37

Tel. +7 4842 70 02 52,
+7 4842 70-04-92

Universal cutting system (УРК)

Application of the foam concrete cutting equipment (УРК)

УРК is used in manufacturing lines for producing autoclaved and non-autoclaved gas concrete for receipt of wall and partition blocks with geometrical imperfection from the specified size not more than ±2мм.
Blocks produced on УРК have smooth surface without oil film. Guaranteed cutting accuracy enables to lay blocks on a thin-layer or adhesive solutions.
УРК design allows to produce blocks with various standard sizes using only one kit of forms.
УРК mold is simple in production process. Cleaning, lubrication and assembly for one mold (0,9 m3) takes about 2-3 minutes.

Materials for foam concrete manufacturing

Cellular concrete with the uniformly-cellulated structure, manufactured according to GOST 25485-89 is used for cutting. Material. cured enough for steady cutting (4-12 hours after filling in the form). is used on УРК.

Technological process / foam concrete cutting

After being filled into moulds foam concrete becomes up to necessary strength (4-12 hours depending on the structure and producing technology) at 20-300°С. After that mold with cured massif is placed onto the transportation trolley of the УРК, the top of the metal mold (a cap) is removed, the operator pushes the START-UP button on the control panel and massif is cut into blocks of the specified size in automatic mode. During this procedure a thin layer of the top and edges of the massif are cut off.
After this the cut massif is removed with the pallet from the transportation trolley of the УРК and cures for another 4-8 hours, then blocks are laid on wooden pallets, packed with film and moved to the warehouse.

Control panel has speed of lowering of cutting cars control system, that allows to establish necessary frequency of the block surface finishing (from smooth up to deep wave).

The nomenclature of produced blocks

The minimal thickness of the block – 75мм.
The maximal thickness of the block – is limited by the linear dimensions of the massif.
Within the massif size it is acceptable to fix any necessary dimensions.

Brief technical characteristics of gas concrete blocks

УРК – 3М

Massif dimensions (l/w/h) – 1200/1200/600 mm.
Design capacity – 12 kW.
Maximum power consumption – 7,5 kW.
Design dimensions (l/w/h) – 12/3,1/3,3 m.
Output (actual) – 12 m3/hour.
Operating staff – one person
Continuous operating time is not limited
Operating modes – manual, automatic
Amount of simultaneously cut massifs – two

Regarding purchasing of equipment contact marketing department
ООО «Incorporated Industrial Company»
Russia, city Kaluga, Svetlaya St., 37

Tel. +7 4842 70 02 52,
+7 4842 70-04-92

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